The Six Figure Launch Project

It's Amanda Frances. I am a business coach for women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a money manifesting queen. I have been coaching for five years and creating and selling digital courses for two years.
Which is why we are here. I want to tell you how I did it.
Amanda Frances Set a crazy big goal

Amanda Frances Combine spiritual principals and practical steps to achieve said goal 

Amanda Frances Share with everyone how I did it.
That's what the Six Figure Launch Project is all about.

Amanda Frances Where people typically get stuck during a launch and how to move through it

Amanda Frances The non-negotiable mindset and mantras you are going to need to overcome doubt and uncertainty during your launch

Amanda Frances A fail-proof strategy for getting your work in front of people who want it

Amanda Frances How to get people interested in your offer and leave them wanting more

Amanda Frances How to make a lot of money/sell a lot of your offer without ever feeling yucky or sales-y

Amanda Frances How to manifest the eff out of a digital course launch