Do you want to own a profitable and fun coaching business, be your own boss, work a couple days a week, AND feel financially supported and abundant every day of your life?!

Are you worried that if things continue the way they are that you will never have a meaningful career that supports you and positively impacts the world?!

I have a solution just for you!


As a life-coach, you are able to help others and make a living doing so.

I truly love my job. I feel fulfilled each day as I am of service to others, but have significant flexibility. I created my career around the things that are important to me. It may sound silly, but I sleep until 10 am every day and don't see a client before noon. I have plenty of time to meditate and get myself centered each day. I go to yoga classes or meet friends between clients. I travel as often as I like, and because I coach via Skype and phone, I don't miss a beat - or a paycheck. No matter what is important to you, you can build your coaching practice around it.

Luckily, coaching is an UNREGULATED field! Meaning, you do not need a degree or a certificate to start! There is no red-tape. All you need is a desire to help and willingness to learn how.

I created this course to give you all of the information and confidence you need to make the difference (and the living) that you desire.

The Become a Money-Making Life Coach is Designed to:

  • Get Clear: What Kind of Coach Do You Want to Be? How Do You Want to Help? Once You Know Who Your Ideal Client is, Finding Him or Her Becomes Easy.
  • Coaching Skills: Listening skills, Reflection Techniques, Creating a Supportive Environment, Integrating Spiritual Principals Into Your Work, Creating Change and MUCH more so that YOU can facilitate growth and create change with in clients.
  • Believing in Yourself & Your Gifts: If You Don't Believe in Your Work, you can't sell it. We Will Get Super Clear on Why It is Vital to the Planet and Yourself that You Give Your Gifts. We Will Talk About Why the World Needs You to Go Big and Bust Through Whatever Limiting Beliefs are Standing in Your Way of Believing that You Can Do this Work.
  • Business deets: Make a Contract, Obtain Insurance, Take Payments, Make Payment Plans and Run a Safe and Ethical Practice.
  • Be Seen: Use the Internet and Social Media to Get Yourself Out There and Begin to Establish Yourself as Someone Who is Known as a Coach and Expert in the Personal Development World.
**Includes Exclusive Access to:
The Become a Life Coach Webpages, Audio & video for five 60 minute classes, Weekly Homework, Weekly Meditation, Class Powerpoints, Become a Life Coach Facebook Group (endless support).

As I experienced unlimited freedom around money and saw my networth rise, I knew I had to teach others how to the same.

It is my intention to increase the number of wealthy, empowered coaches there are on this planet. The amount of money you earn as a coach is not about your talent, skills or luck -- it's about your mentality.

We must tune into the wealth and abundance that are available to us. Once we learn that it is our birth-rite, remove the limiting beliefs that say we can't have it, and vibe with it... Anything is Possible in our coaching business.!

Coaches have experienced AMAZING results with this bonus as they have been willing to learn that the Universe has their back, that they are always being guided and that there is more than enough money out there for each of us -- we just have to learn the spiritual principals that make it easy for us to bring it in.

Drop the Struggle. (Value $600)

This Bonus is Designed to:

  • Identify What Limiting Beliefs are Blocking Your Earning Potential. Change these Beliefs, for Good.
  • Discover Why it is of High Service to the Planet for You to Have More Than Enough. Drop the Guilt.
  • Strategies: Find out how to QUICKLY Forgive & Let Go of Everything That Has Made You Feel Less than Enough.
  • Want Making Money to Feel Natural and Easy? I'll Show You How to Inegreate Trust and Ease Into Manifestation.
  • Learn to Believe in and Charge more for Your Unique Gifts and Abilities.
  • Up Your Self-Worth.Stategies: How to Turn Your Problems into Additional Income Streams. Get Ready for an Entreprenuer Mindset.
  • PLUS: Access to the Money Mentality Mavens FB Group for Additional Support, Wisdom and Love!
  • BONUS: A Weekly Meditation, Money Affirmations, and Truley Transformational (and really fun) Homework.
**Includes Exclusive Access to:
The Money Mentality Course Website Webpages, Audio & video for three 90 minute classes, FUN Weekly Homework, Weekly Meditation, Weekly Affirmations, Class Powerpoints, Money Mentality Makeover Facebook Group (I stop by every day to answer questions!).


With this offer you get NINE WEEKS of Life-Changing content so you can
Build Your Coaching Business + Attract A Lot of Money.

It's like a Life Makeover Program.

The Programs Have Been Recorded for You!

You will have the content FOREVER
so you can go at your own pace!

Make your schedule, make a difference and make money!




"These Become a Life Coach course with the Money Mentality Makeover are a powerhouse combination - to start and run a coaching business, you will need to 'clean house' and address your relationship with money.

Each week, Amanda gives practical and immediate tools that you can apply now- regardless of where you are in your own process or life.

These courses are helping me to push forward in my own way, carving out a life and business that are uniquely me.

And as a bonus, Amanda gives us one affirmation to use each day as part of the FB groups for each course. Those really help keep me on track! Thank you Amanda!"

"The coaching course laid the foundation for setting up my business as a Self-Worth & Transformational Coach.

The money bonus allowed me to dive even deeper into my limiting beliefs around what I can have and what I really want.

I now trust and know I can have whatever my heart desires and the key is letting it be easy!

Love you Amanda!"
"Amanda's courses really complemented each other as I launched my new business. Become a Life Coach gave me direction and confidence to believe in my gifts as a coach and to see my value. As I developed my business around my ideal client (which Amanda guided me through) I was able to see that this stuff really work. When I took the Money Mentality Makeover bonus, I made the connections allowing my to get my mind in manifestation mode, me to funnel my sales to my advantage, and receive my ideal income from my talents as an Intuitive Life Coach.

I wouldn't be where I am right now without Amanda's wisdom and support!"


Hi! I'm Amanda Frances!

I am so excited about this offer! It is my intention that you will design a life and coaching practice you absolutely love, release your limiting beliefs, know your true earning potential, make a lot of money, and be ridiculously happy.

I have a Masters of Science in Counseling in addition to thousands of hours of trainings in Coaching and Counseling Skills.

I have been self-employed since I was 19 years old. As a nanny in my early 20's, I found a way to leverage my time, decrease my hours, and up my pay by working part time for many families instead of full time for one. Looking back, this was my first business.

Four years ago, I started my Life-Coaching Practice. I specialized in helping Quarter Life women get clear about what they want in life and taught them the process of using co-creation to allow their wildest dreams to come true. My business coaching practice developed organically as I helped some of these women to start their own businesses and personal development brands.

Because of my determination to look fear in the face and overcome my own limiting beliefs each day, I am proud to say that I am a six figure business owner working 2-3 days a week before the age of 30.

Second FREE Bonus:

Two half-hour strategy sessions with Amanda. Apply the content to YOUR business!

($450 value)



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