Next Level Business Branding Bundle

Amanda Frances Do you desire to get your message, mission, or work to more people?

Amanda Frances Do you intend to make a significant impact in the lives of others with your work?

Amanda Frances Are you tired of hearing crickets when you post online?

Amanda Frances Do you desire to have thousands of potential clients, who love your work, follow you online?

Amanda Frances Do you fear if you don’t get seen and heard online the whole working-for-yourself-thing will never work for you?

Amanda Frances Have you tried to say and do the “right” things online with little to no results?

Amanda Frances Are you ready to stand out so that your ideal customers can find you, follow you, and buy from you?
You want to stand out online. You want to be seen. You want to be paid – and be paid well – for your great work.

I know you do.

I’ve been there. I get this.

When I first started my business six years ago, I thought to myself: “I’ll just start a twitter account. Then clients will find me online and pay me…”

LOL – It’s laughable now…

I knew I what I wanted. I just had no idea how to get it.

I had no idea how to present online, attract the clients who had been praying for me or charge money for my work.

I had no idea how to…
By being myself + sharing my truth + creating offers I love I have designed a life and business I am wildly obsessed with.

Growing my tribe and gaining momentum online now feels... easy
If you don’t know me,
I’m a digital course creator, a business coach for women entrepreneurs, and a money-manifesting queen.

I believe I was put on this planet to help good-hearted women, who desire to help others, make the difference (and the cash money) they desire.

The world is full of incredible, gifted women who desire to give their gifts to the world, who have a hard time selling, earning, and running a profitable business.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make an impact... and an income.

There is nothing wrong with desiring money -- it is a neutral resource that we can choose to use for good.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an online following and a tribe who loves your work.
I’ve watched the principals I teach work in my life and in the lives of countless others.

I started out wanting to earn enough money to pay my bills. I then incrementally increased the amount of money I desired.

My first business goal was $3k a month.

I remember clearly the day I set the goal to move from earning $3k to $4.5k a month.It worked. Then to $8k a month. Six months later I had a $12k month. Two months after that, a $20k month. Nine months after that, a $48k month. Two months later, a $67k month. I recently celebrated my first 38k day and five back to back six figures months.

This year alone, Amanda Frances Inc is projected to earn $1.2 million.

I combine the spiritual and the practical with every business move I make.

I do the internal work of healing the past, removing limiting beliefs, clearing space for desires and becoming an energetic match for the things I want.

I also do the external work. I use social media marketing, email marketing, and take any inspired action I am led to take.

And that is how I teach.

I want you to learn to believe in and trust yourself.

I want you to get clear on how important it is that you get your work into the world.

I want to confidently show up and express your truth online.

I want you design a business you love and have a fabulous time doing it.
Amanda Frances Design a life and business you are wildly obsessed with

Amanda Frances  Get your gifts/callings out into the world

Amanda Frances  Use your personal experience, history, belief system, understanding to help others

Amanda Frances Radically shift your limiting beliefs around what you are capable of

Amanda Frances Increase your confidence around your earning potential

Amanda Frances Live in a state of purpose and flow

Amanda Frances Understand how to become an energetic match for clients in a new way

Amanda Frances Shift into a state of daily receiving money, clients, opportunities with ease

Amanda Frances Grow your online presence quickly. I’m sharing the social media strategy that results in over 1k new followers each month.

Amanda Frances Learn the missing piece to attracting the right clients – this is what they need from you to be ready to buy from you before you even get on on the phone with them.

Amanda Frances Attract loyal followers who are obsessed with your work and buy from you again and again. (I happily make over $100k a month with my online biz.) I have a strategy for this.

Amanda Frances Show up powerfully online — immediately. Let's make a shift and go big.

Amanda Frances Shift the two main things that are likely standing in the way of clients seeing you, following you and buying from you.

Amanda Frances Implement a new, easy branding strategy right away – know what to do when you sign log on your computer each day.

…then I have something special for you.

The Next Level Business Branding Bundle is here!

It is a compellation of trainings there were recorded live for my audience during my Go Big in Business and Get Famous for Being You Live Stream events.

The content is incredible. The energy is high. The q+a are filled with quick life changing info.

Amanda Frances Video One: How to Start a Service Based Biz You Love (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Two: How to Attract Your Soul Mate Clients (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Three: How to Sell as an Act of Service (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Four: Creating a Brand Based on Your Truth (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Five: Stay Inspired, Protect Your Energy, Show Up as You (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Six: Video Six: Making Your Own Rules in Business (Valued at $297)

Amanda Frances Video Seven: Recording of Next Level Business Branding Bundle Party with Amanda!


Amanda Frances is between 33 and 75 minutes in length

Amanda Frances contains countless practical business tips + online strategies

Amanda Frances is filled with energetic principles + manifestation techniques

Amanda Frances contains 1-2 meditations

Amanda Frances is infused with energy to help you raise your vibration + attract on purpose

Get instant access (and unlimited replays) to all Six Training Videos instantly when you sign up below!

If you were to purchase each video separately, the cost would add up to over $1700.

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