What to do when people copy your work + talk bad about you online


One morning a few months back, I woke up to someone saying something bad about me on the internet.

I have been running my business for over six years… and doing so completely online — in a bold, next level kind of way — for over three.

This wasn’t my first time to be attacked online.

I knew I had options. Obviously, we all have options.

Responding to her post directly did not feel warranted at all.

But it was a teachable moment — so I wanted to do something.

I decided to host a last minute training in my Spiritual Boss Ladies Group on FB.

I called it: What To Do When B*tches Be Cra.

(I’m sharing it with you below — for free!)

Here’s the deal:

There are some triggered/hurt/possibly-nuts people on the internet.

And, my unapologetic boldness, often does some of the triggering.

Here’s what I notice often happens when you have an online presence:

You work through your fear of being afraid to be seen, noticed and followed.

You get clear on your message. You declare your truth. You give people something to follow. You grow a following.

And sometimes… people do not like you or what you are doing. You trigger them. They react.

Or they really like what you do and are inspired by you, and instead of digging into who they are inside and bring out something authentic that they feel called to share…

… they recreate/copy your work.

I have experienced people attacking me in the comments on my page, writing posts about me in my group our on their pages, and ripping off my work…

… countless times.

People ask me all of the time how to handle… 

– People copying their titles, stories, quotes, branding online.

– People talking bad about them on the internet

– People attacking them on their pages.

And in my experience, there is only ONE way to handle the above.

I have tried A LOT of things when I’ve found myself in this position.

And there has only been one thing that has given me not just relief, but also empowerment — so that I could keep doing my job bigger and bolder than ever before…

… while still having compassion for others.

Do you know what it is?

I am so thrilled to share this with you:

I love what I do. I am so honored to do this work.

And, as always, I’m going to tell you the truth of about my experience.

And in my experience…

… sometimes, b*tches be cra. But there is a solutions. And a way to use it all for the highest good.

I hope you enjoy the free training. I pray the real life stories, examples and solutions serve you.


  • I love you, Amanda. <3 Thanks for all the positive vibes and bringing strength, power, and inspiration to all entrepreneurs like myself.

  • I love this. When I use something from a teacher or muse I always give credit. It’s the right thing to do. When I created my memoir and uploaded it onto the servers of Amazon in 2011 I was so thrilled but got only one sale in two years. Then I discovered why. Imagine my shock and horror when I watched a tv commercial in Feb 2015 by some company claiming my story as their own work of Fiction that sold hundreds of millions of copies. When I contacted them they sent it straight to parody saying such ridiculous things about me and my family. The kicker is they didn’t even bother to change the real names of my family and people I care about. I lost most of my hair and developed stress induced nummular eczema and had to go on stress medication. I had a cookie tracker to confirm visitations to my story. Cookie trackers can indeed save the purity and individual creation of a work.

  • Love this! Thank you, Amanda. I have had this experience and it was odd for me because I’m not famous, yet. lol Someone created a book using the main parts of the title of my book AND they stole my pitch, word for word, to promote their book (that people could easily think is my book) on Amazon. I was pissed at first, and I reached out to them but they do not remove it or respond. I decided to let it go and accepted that my audience is my audience. The people I’m meant to reach will be reached and maybe she’ll reach others I wouldn’t have. I had to step down off my ego soap box and off the fear that she was going to confuse and steal my audience… that people who connected with my message would go on Amazon and buy her book accidentally because of her deception. I completely released it… well 95%. lol It’s out of my control and the energy will be better served focusing on my own work and expanding my message.

  • Megan

    Thanks for sharing Amanda. I see a lot of similar content and copy online, and you are correct in saying it can be so annoying – especially when you put your heart and soul into being authentic. I think that’s the message we should all be sharing; how important it is to be authentic.

    You are lucky to have understood right from the beginning that by copying someone else’s work you are being in-authentic to your own true creativity and potential – dimming your own shine! You’ve also shown people how truly successful you became when you stepped into your own unique light and power – that’s what many who are new to the online world need reminders of.

    As for the bad talk online, I do think that there will always be someone with something to say – rise above; but also send love and compassion to those “ants on the ground” so they can rise above too. We’re all at different stages of our journey; and the best thing we can hope for others is for them to find their own way to elevate, succeed and live a joyful life. ❤

    With so much love,