how to intentionally release 2014

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Hello lovers!

On January first, I was having a hard time letting 2014 go. It was a good year in many ways, but I felt I had not yet fully embraced it and thanked it and come to grips with it and wrapped my mind/heart around it.

So I was having a hard time saying goodbye.

Once I looked at it (via pictures as this is how I often express myself) and put it to music — I was able to get really really thankful for it and all that it was and for all the ways I emerged and flourished and shed shit that did not serve me throughout the year.

So I made this video (below).

The video helped me say a big, “Okay, I see you. Thank you. And now I release you.” 

I encourage you all to do what is needed to fully look at, accept and let go of what 2014 was and wasn’t for you.

My practice/ritual to let the year go: 

1. Look. Look back through your FB mobile uploads album, Instagram app, or Camera Roll, or IPhoto. Look at each image starting on January 1, 2014.

2. Access. Notice what went right this year. Notice the good times. Be thankful for the friends, family, pets, and memories in each picture. Be thankful for those who supported you, those who made your year better, and for those you had to let go of. Be thankful for the friends lost/gained, lessons learned, and adventures had.

If you feel led, make a collage, video, or album (to let go of 2013 I made this) to commemorate it/wrap it all up. If you do a video, you could set it to music. My music sort of felt like a celebration of the year as a launching pad into the next year. My music said to me, “Thank you, 2014. And goodbye.”

3. Get Grateful. Life gets easier when you are as grateful for the bad times as the good. The bad times are usually lessons, if we will let them be. I normally would have made a gratitude list (click here for a little more on how to make a gratitude list) for the year in my journal, but I REALLY wanted to thank some people and experiences, so I wrote this on Facebook:

“Thank you, thank you Bali and motor bikes and rice paddies. Thank you South Korea and good doctors and Gangam Style. Thank you San Fran and bicycles and adventure and clear days. Thank you travel for always calling to me and renewing me. Thank you PhD program for being an absolutely miserable time — may I never put myself in a situation where anyone but me needs to approve of me or choose me. Thank you Dallas for finally becoming home and Tulsa for always being home. Thank you yoga and headstands and always holding a space to breathe again. Thank you Texas and sunshine and rooftops and pool side working. Thank you all my many clients for letting me help you and teaching me so much. Thank you New York for always showing up at the right time and falling into place every time. Thank you Spirit Junkies and BSchoolers: your like minds have saved me repeatedly.

Thank you thank you Angels for always speaking and guiding. Thank you God that I have always known you and that you have me. For the faith I learned so young, I am grateful. Thank you Universe for the laws you operate by — I will use them for good and tell everyone. Thank you money for being a completely neutral and easily obtainable resource.

Thank you Drew Kropff, my ever stable companion. Thank you Lizzie, Megan, Mom, Dad, Garrett, Andrea, Allison, Allison and all my many friends and family. Thank you Mimi, I couldn’t have gone back to school or started a biz without you. Thank you Yemima for every graphic and video edit. Thank you Megan for knowing how to do fucking everything I could ever need to do online. You are a genius. Thank you Mrs. Debbie for your always welcoming home.

Thank you Haley, my new friend and unexpected confidant.

Thank you Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Joe Vital, Abraham-Hicks and every teacher who has helped me get it.

Thank you everyone who took a chance in my courses. They are, up to this point, what I am most proud of.

Thank you 2014. I am so ready to leave you behind.

Dear 2015, I’m ready. Blow my mind.”


It is time to set goals, intentions, and desires for the new year (HOORAY 2015!). If you feel like 2014 is still kind of on your mind, I encourage you to dedicate some time today to reflecting, accessing, thanking, and releasing 2014.


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I love you forever,


Amanda Frances



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  1. What a fun way to start the new year! I loved your Flipagram, especially the photos of your travels (BALI looks AMAZING def. on my list of places to see). This post and you giving gratitude to all that made your year empowered reminds me of a quote from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp– “When I give thanks for (even) the microscopic, I make a place for God to grow within me. This, this, makes me full.” Living a full life is what we all strive for and gratitude is an essential part of that. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the power of giving thanks for the gifts all around. Happy New Year sister!

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