Stop the Lies: 3 Real Truths About Manifestation

So here’s the deal. The universe – God – DOES NOT HAVE CONDITIONS UPON US for what is required to manifest and to receive what we want to co-create for our lives.

You’ll hear me say this all the live long day, every day…

==> There are no ultimate things we must do to receive. There are no boxes to check or levels of achievement we must pass in order to be eligible to receive.

We are ‘eligible’ to receive because we are worthy.

We are worthy because…

We. Just. Are.

It’s our birthright… we are born worthy. There is no holy grail of worthiness.

I realize this may sound cliche – or just too simple – but it’s important that you understand and deeply integrate this truth within your core… regardless of what you might hear from the many people on the interwebs claiming to have the ‘secrets’ to manifestation.


There are also things we can do to help us to know – to reinforce our belief – that we can receive.

In this video, I’m sharing four principles to help you manifest what you desire:

1) Knowing you’re worthy.

2) Bringing meaning behind the thing(s) you desire.

3) Believing it’s possible.

4) Having Gratitude

I explain each principle so you can build your own strong foundation for manifestation… and not be “influenced” in directions that just aren’t true.

People say such crazy nonsense when it comes to how to spiritually co-create our lives.

I’m breaking down the *truth* of manifestation. What is required? What isn’t?

In a world that will give you so much conflicting information, we need a reliable foundation. These steps will simplify and clarify everything.

These withstand the test of all time and all circumstances.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to know what you think!

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