Free Training: A Victim Story is NOT Required


Hi love!

A few weeks ago I held a live stream event that got rave reviews.

People LOVED the training videos… especially the first one.

I asked my team to edit that training so that you could have it as a vlog + podcast.

It is ready for you now!

Description of training: Why do we create struggle in our lives?

In this training Amanda shares how to release the meaning we have placed on the events in our life, how to get clear on your soul aligned future desires and how to move more quickly into becoming the woman who you were always meant to be.

Yes, we can use struggle for good, but what if we didn’t need it at all?

What if we could choose to rise up without the story that we aren’t worthy until we have risen above/overcome something?

This training is infused with the energy of rising up, disregarding nonsense, moving forward unapologetically and taking your place as queen.


Check it out + let me know what you think below:



Transcript of training:

Meditation: Let’s all take a moment to sit with ourselves, to tune in, and to let our day go.

Maybe you want to close your eyes, take some deep breaths in, and put your hand on your heart.

Just be here now.

Whatever has happened today, whatever has happened this week.

Whatever you’ve been worries about, or stuck on, or wondering about.

We’re going to let that fucking go.

In our intention to let it go, we are trusting that it will be taken care of.

Sometimes you can put your fingerprints all over something that was in the middle of being sorted out.

This is how we get in our own way.

As deeply as I believe in inspired action, and as much as I do the damn thing all day long, there is something to taking your hands off, and going:

“This will workout for me.”

“Everything is working for my good and in my favor. There is no other way that it could possibly be.”

“I’m going to trust and know and believe.”

Feel the feelings of deep trust.

Feeling the feelings of your desired outcome, or something even better.

How would you feel right now if you knew for sure you were going to receive you desired outcome, but even better?

If it was absolutely guaranteed, how would you feel?

Knowing, trusting, believing, standing firm, and knowing who the fuck you are.

Knowing you are enough because you are. Because you always are.

Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Know that you have done exactly what you are supposed to do. And know for sure that you will be guided to your next steps.

There is no way you can fuck it up.

You are destined for greatness.



Teaching: How many of you saw what led to this live stream happening?

If you didn’t: I have a hate group.

The details of what occurred is irrelevant.

We are not responsible for the actions of other people.

That’s their life. That’s their cross they decided to bear. That’s their misguided action.

And it’s none of my fucking business.

I am responsible for what I do with it. How I perceive it. And how I use it for my own good.

We all have this option, all the time.

However, sometimes we feel like we have to be in a victim story.

And I have a theory around why.

We believe we have to overcome something great…

… before we allow ourselves to receive.

It is when we overcome that we feel worthy of our successes.

But what if we were worthy of our success all along?

What is we didn’t have to suffer beforehand?

What is we could just fucking be great?

Don’t get me wrong. We can always use the negative things for our own good.

But what if a victim story wasn’t required to have a success story?

There is a misconception in our minds that the bad things have to happen to let ourselves have the good things.

Once we work hard and fight against those things, then we view ourselves as worthy.

But what if it didn’t  have to be that way?

What if we could just have the good things?

This is a form of self-manipulation.

If we believe it takes conflict/struggle and overcoming to rise up…

… then we will create conflict when we’re ready to go to our next level.

We could have just chosen to go to our next level all along.

I am not saying we do not feel and experience pain in life.

I’m not opposed to any grief process. Don’t deny your emotions.

I am against creating and accentuations unnecessary pain in order to feel worthy.

When it comes to haters, I can get myself to a place where I can rise above it.

From there, I’m not affected by it.

The with this perspective is: There was still a hater against me that I had to rise above.

What if there wasn’t anything to fight against?

What is the battle was actually only in our minds and false perceptions?

What if we created the haters (because we thought we needed something to overcome) and then gave them power?

I could have gotten discouraged from a hate group. I could have taken that as an attack.

I could build it up as an energy where I didn’t feel safe.

I could build it up as something I have to overcome and, like I said, rise above.

But my next level is: What if the fight isn’t even real?

What if I hadn’t needed the fight to rise up?

What if you chose to not continue the fight?

If nothing in me believes the fight or the drama is required, and I just get to rise above because I do, hater situations are not needed.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where rising above the chaos benefited me greatly.

But I refuse to go through my career believing that a horrible situation is required to go to my next level.

This is a pattern I have within me and I am determined to get to the root of it

Let me tell you a little of my history.

I grew up in a lower middle class family.

My mom didn’t work and didn’t make money.

In my perception, she did not have a lot of options in life.

I told myself that I would be a woman who could make her own money.

I have to be this woman that can create money and wasn’t limited by money.

Money was my biggest limitation for most of my life.

While I digging into this today, I thought:

“I don’t have to have a different story from my mom to be great. I can just be great.”

I was telling a story about how I had to be different than my mom to be a success story.

However, the truth is, it’s a success story, just because it is.

My question for you is:

What if our decision and our desire was always enough of a reason?

You desire is enough of a reason to have it.

We tell ourselves that we have to be an overcomer to have and become the things we want.

But we could have chosen to become those things. Period.

We can always change our perception of what our struggle is.

My perception of what I’ve had to overcome was what created the struggle.

Humans are great at making things more difficult when they don’t need to be.

If the struggle wasn’t real, and if the struggle was just stories you’ve chosen to believe in, then how would that feel?

Rising up wouldn’t be that hard.

If you made a list of why do I have to struggle right now, it’s probably power you’ve giving to ideas.

Ideas that you get to shift.

I’m not saying there’s not value in our struggles.

I’m saying that we have suffered more than we need to because of our own beliefs of what makes us worthy of what we want.

Everything is just responding to us.

Grieve what you have currently created and don’t be afraid to choose again.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange how this all works for you.

We manifest based on the energy we hold. The energy we hold is created by the thoughts we think, feelings we feel and things we imagine.

As you learn to choose again, it gets easier and easier to shift into new vibrations.

It gets easier to maintain those vibrations because you have practice shifting into new feelings.

Vibrations are more about the feelings you feel and hold in your body.

Manifestation isn’t linear because time isn’t real…

… however, as you practice feeling the vibrations of the things you want, they will overflow into your physical reality.

Your job is, as always, to stay an energetic match for it until it’s yours.

Got it?! Let me know what you think below!

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