afraid you’ll eff-up your business?!

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you know… life isn’t fair.

some people do have it easier.

some people keep score of how much they suck/how they perceive that they’ve fucked up.

and some of us lean on the grace/forgive ourselves quickly/let life be unfair/don’t worry about getting what we deserve, but just continually assume that we are enough and still deserve the best.

and so life is beautifully unfair for us.

to me grace is your ability to have a beautiful, magnificent, extraordinary life and business no matter how un-perfect you are or what you’ve done or how you feel you’ve fucked up.

grace is a million chances. grace is the substance of being beyond good enough deep within who you are. grace is its safe to keep trying, be real, & mess up. grace is the cushion that catches you. grace is “omg. it just keeps working out for me.” grace is everything.

and you have grace upon grace upon grace… as long as you realize you do.

as the bible says: grace is always sufficient for you. grace is made perfect for you in your weakness.

to me this means that there is room for you to relax and enjoy and explore and experiment and love life and have fun and follow your heart and trust your gut and take chances.

it doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences… it means that there is a force bigger than any consequence. and that you are innately worthy in the face of any outcome you bring to you.

there is enough grace for you.

you won’t fuck it up.

say it with me: I have grace upon grace. It is safe to trust my heart. I am enough. there is more than enough grace and love available for me in this life.


Massive Love,


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