Aligned as F*ck Bundle

Hi! If you don’t know me,
I am a soulful online business guru, digital course creator and money-manifesting queen to the tens of thousands of women who follow my work, enroll in my digital offers, and work with me privately.

I’m not your average business coach.

I don’t follow business norms or industry standards.

I couldn’t give a flying fuck about what the experts say.

In the 6.5 years since I started this business, I have follow my desires, trusted my intuition, and took the daily-inspired action that felt good/make sense to me.
This is because of my alignment...

... with myself, with my truth, with what feels right for me.
I focus on alignment, ease, grace and flow each day.

This is how I built my 7-figure yearly brand.

Letting it be easy was not natural for me... but I decided a long time ago that spinning my wheels, striving for perfection, and neglecting my truest desires... was not going to work for me.

Now I believe this: The easier I let it be, the more money I make.

I am kind of allergic to hard.

When women entrepreneurs talk about their hard work like it's a badge of honor, I want to puke. Don't get me wrong, I do the fucking work.

I build a million dollar (soon to be multi-million dollar) brand.  So, obviously, I work.

But if you think that is all there is to this... you are missing the fucking point.

It's not about the social media likes or the cash money (though that shit is fucking fun to measure)... it's about my daily happiness.

It's about the love of the work.
This is about how much joy we choose to feel day to day. It's about feeling fucking good. Period. The whole point of this starting your own business thing was not to ignore your body, deplete your energy, be a hangry bitch, and feel like shit.

Don't get me wrong -- I love being next level, crazy and obsessed with my work. I 100% would not have it, nor could I imagine it, any other way. But I used to act like relaxing and enjoying would somehow take away from my business.

Now I know this for sure: My job isn't to be a frantic, cloudy headed, barely functioning business owner.

My job is to be Amanda Fucking Frances. My job is to be my best self. My job is to be happy and high vibe and in flow and connected to service and rooted in purpose and fucking inspired by my mission.

The whole point of this starting your own business thing was not to ignore your body, deplete your energy, be a hangry bitch, and feel like shit. We have to give ourselves what we need each day. Lean into ease, joy and flow and... trust your desires. Not just your big world-domination type desires, but ALL our desires.
I know we all have what it takes.

I know we can tap into our infinite massive power.

I know we have all unleashed a fraction of what we are here to do.

I am unavailable for any of us playing small.

If you like the sound of that, then I’m your girl

Let’s do the damn thing… together.

The Aligned AF video training bundle is made up of:

 Unapologetic Sharing: Grow your audience and online presence through sharing your authentic self.

Elevated Business Growth: Receive Universal support and guidance in the process of expanding your audience, elevating your income.

Energetic Boundaries AF: Set strong energetic boundaries. Immediately shift what you are available for in your life and relationships.

Bonus: Understand more fully the vibrational frequency of money. Do you ever manifest money then manifest expenses? I know why. Let’s clear this.
Topics Covered:
arrows-blb  Video One: Determining what you get to have/do/achieve/be in life. ($497 value)

arrows-blb Video Two: Moving through the fear of your next level + powerful exercise to speed this up. ($497 value)

arrows-blb  Video Three: Setting new standards/boundaries for how the world works for us. ($497 value)
Drop the mother effing struggle

 Release the guilt around your desire for ease and flow

 Do less and earn more

Integrate relaxing in your daily life and business routine

Increase your confidence around how easy things get to be

Live in a state of flow, joy and fun

Understand how to become an energetic match for what you want without becoming manic

Shift into a state of daily receiving money with ease

Learn my process for manifesting from a place of ease.
Topics Covered:
arrows-blb  Video One: Releasing control, perfection, & the attachment to struggle ($297 value)

arrows-blb Video Two: Living from flow + relaxing into alignment and easy ($297 value)

arrows-blb  Video Three: Growing your business from authenticity + radical honesty ($297 value)
The Aligned As Fuck video training bundle now comes with a never before heard training recorded for Amanda's private mastermind clients.
This training covers:

  Stepping into alignment, ease and flow each day in your business

  Basing your decisions around what feels good, right and true for you

  Becoming the Queen of your business and life + writing your own damn rules

($1000 value)

The Aligned AF training bundle was designed to:

 Show you how fucking powerful you are

 Move you along your path

 Be sure the beliefs/stories that say you can’t have what you want can no longer survive

 Teach you to be unavailable for anything less than your true desire

 Guide you into finding ease, grace and flow

 Make sure you know the power of your own creation

 Show you how easy designing a life and business on your terms gets to be
Each of the Seven Videos:

 is between 12 and 63 minutes in length

 contains countless business tips + techniques for growing an online business

is filled with energetic principles + manifestation/mindset strategies

contains 1-2 meditations

 is loaded with powerful energy and fresh perspective around designing a life and business you are wildly obsessed with
Get instant access (and unlimited replays) to all Seven Training Videos instantly when you sign up below!

If you were to purchase each video separately, the cost would add up to over $2700.

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