Amanda Frances Inc’s Money Mentality Makeover Street Team

Hi pretty friend!

Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of helping me tell the world about my work.

Here is the deal: Money Mentality Makeover launches to the public tonight.

As you may know, this course is everything to me.

It has helped countless people heal, restore and transform the relationship and dynamics with money.

It's an overflow of my heart and my life's work and it is an honor to be able to share it with the world each year.

If you feel so compelled, here is how to help me and Team AF share MMM to the world.

Date: Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Time: 9 am PST // 12 pm EST (or as soon as you can after this point)


(we've left you 6 to pick from)

Pick your favorite image above and post it to the social medias.

Instagram: If you choose to post to instagram, please hashtag #moneymentalitymakeover and #moneyqueen -- you can also tag @xoamandafrances so they can see my post and what the course is about.

Example: Omg! @xoamandafrances has opened enrollment for Money Mentality Makeover. (Include anything else you want to say, have learned from me, etc.) #moneymentalitymakeover #moneyqueen All the details on her page!

(You can also add the link to your bio if that feels good to you.)

Facebook: If FB is your vibe, you can give them the link to the course! You can also tag my personal page or fan page and use our hashtags for the launch.

Example: "OMG! Amanda Frances has opened enrollment for Money Mentality Makeover!

(Include anything else you want to say, have learned from me, etc.)

Mind blowing testimonials:

#moneymentalitymakeover #moneyqueen"

Also feel free to email or tweet about this if that is more your jam!

We will all post on Sunday at 9 am PST // 12 pm EST.

Our collective energy posting at the exact same time tomorrow will be MAJOR!

I love you so much. Please email if you have any Qs.