What Amanda drinks every morning!

Hi love bug!

Today, I am sharing something that makes my stomach flat, hair grow, skin tight, and also warms my soul.

(And, no, I didn’t join an MLM. I love MLMs but that is not what is happening here.)

One of the things I get asked the most is this:

What is your morning routine?

As you may have heard me say before, I don’t do routines.

I am the least structured/scheduled person ever.

I wake up at a different time every day.

I hit up workout classes at various times.

I sometimes work at nights. Sometimes in the morning.

I do different things at various times and let it evolve and fluctuate over time.

It is all based on what feels aligned, what I have going on, if I’m feeling grumpy or energized first thing, and lots of various factors.

(Trusting that it is all always working out for you and knowing that you will always show up to do your part each day is key.)

There is a funny idea that successful people are doing some sort of magical thing that is making them successful.

And if you just do that special thing you’ll be successful too.

Like reading a certain number of books a week or starting their day with a certain number of minutes a certain meditation.

In my opinion, that is all silliness.

You become successful by deciding to be successful and doing your part each day.

And of course, if that thing helps you feel like you are starting your day in the right vibe, then that’s amazing.

Like anything, it’s your thoughts about the thing or belief in the thing, that ends up matter a lot more than the thing itself.

In the vein of doing things you love and believing in them…

I sort of accidentally created a morning ritual that I am obsessed with. #shocking

Over the past few months, I have begun to take a beach walk each day.

Sometimes this happens in the morning.

I sometimes instastory moments of my beach walk (from dolphins to me skipping around to waves to my morning drink).

Overwhelming amounts of people keep asking Team AF and I what is in my cup!

And while it’s astounding to all of us that I am drinking the same thing every day…

It’s true! I am!

On today’s blog I am sharing what is in my magic morning potion and why I love it!

This is something that I completely made up + felt intuitively guided to.

I am SO excited to share this with you!




Throughout my world travels, I have found that I can get someone to give me mint tea in nearly every country I visit.

It has become a staple of life for me. I love love love love love me some mint tea.

This is my base!

You can totally replace this with coffee, ps!  (I don’t do caffeine. Gave it up in grad school!)


Mint Tea on Amazon



My friend Kourtney K. told me about this.

That part is not true. But, one time, I was leaving a Pilates class in Calabasas and was Googling what the best grocery store option.

When Erewhon (best grocery store in the world) came up on my search, I clicked on a link that informed me that Kourtney buys this blue green algae there.

Now, so do I. You can also get it on amazon however.



Blue Green Algae on Amazon



On the same trip to Erewhon, I found myself talking to a girl in the vitamin aisle.

She said, “Omg. You have to try this. It makes bloating disappear. It will change your life forever.”

I said, “You mean like, I eat a cheese plate the night before with friends and the next day have a food baby, this will make it disappear?”

She said, “Yes!” and here we are. While I am just taking a little each day as a supportive tonic like the directions suggest, word on the street (and on the vitamin aisle) is that you can take more for other belly discomforts.

My overall digestion has been incredible since I started using it.

Plus! It tastes good.


Mo’ Better Belly on Amazon



DID YOU KNOW that you can get as much protein from Collagen Peptides as your protein powder?

Do you know what’s even better than that? This stuff instantly dissolves in any drink and doesn’t add a yucky or grain situation to your drink like most protein powders.

They say it’s good for the elasticity of your skin, prevents wrinkles, supports hair growth, and improves gu health.

It also adds creaminess to your tea or coffee #yourewelcome

I haven’t been this happy about a health food product since I discovered coconut oil.


Collagen Peptides on Amazon



Some days, I get a little crazy and add edible intelligence, edible radiance, edible strength, edible attraction, edible joy and edible rest to my cup in the form of dusts from Moon Juice in LA.

I do not have a picture of this (thought all six jars are in my kitchen — I’m in bed) but I did find a sampler pack for you on Amazon.

(My fave is power dust!)

Moon Juice on Amazon


There you have it! That is my morning drink.

We’ve left you the links above for anything you feel guided to try!

Remember — this is YOUR life. You are the expert of what is best for you and works best for you!

Have fun! Trust yourself. And figure it out as you go!

(Wait! One more thing! I want to hear from you below!)



I can’t wait to hear from you!

What is your favorite thing to start the day with? Do you have a morning drink?

What do you think about morning rituals?

Share with me below!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a business coach who likes things. Seek the advice of your doctor before adding vitamins, supplements, minerals, etc to your life.