The Only Way to Handle Haters

One time a palm reader picked up my hand and said this to me:

“Wow. You’ve worked for everything you have.”

I nodded.

“You’re tireless. And so determined.”

My eyes watered.

“But you make it look so easy.”

This was in 2017 — my first seven figure year in business — and several years into create my online brand.

I accidentally read something about me that was really mean about me on the internet yesterday.

The anonymous user on the message board that my Google Alert picked up was going on about how all of this is fake.

And how I don’t actually have any money. And that I should be investigated for fraud. lol

She kept saying, “I am going to figure out HOW she got here.”

I can tell you how I got here.

I created content. A fuck ton of content. And I shared it for free on the internet every day.

I slowly grew an audience.

I shared offers with that audience. People bought them.

It’s actually not complicated.

“The screenshots aren’t real. Google it! Anyone can create a fake PayPal screenshot.”

The numbers make sense. If you have a dozen people in a mastermind, a couple private clients, thousands in courses, and hundreds in bundles, it all adds up.

“Her personal life is a mess!”

Have you looked at my IG stories? It’s actually kind of boring. I just like take walks, go to barre, eat with my friends… and work. (I really could spice it up a little.)

I was also called scam artist, cult leader, manipulator, and fraud.

I heard Oprah say years ago that she learned to stop reading what people were saying about her.

A friend of mine reminded me of that this morning.

Apparently Oprah has a team of people that read the hateful nonsense on the internet and do something about it, if needed.Oprah doesn’t even need to know about it.

I’m turning my Google notifications off.

I’m putting someone on my team in charge of handling all of the above.

And I’m going to do what I always do: Rise up.

Not just rise above, rise into my next self.

I am going to handle these situations not as Amanda with a multiple seven figure business, but as Amanda with a fucking ten figure business.

The Amanda who is so far into her next level that she really doesn’t have the time for this kind of nonsense.

It can not stop me. It can not slow me down.

And it will not scare me.

I will find a way to use it as fuel. It will make me better.

And you can go on saying whatever the fuck you want.

I will pray for you. I will forgive you.

And I will be fine.
(Also, God has more for you than a life where you try to tear other people’s empires down.)
Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about dealing with haters online.

While it sucks to be called a scam artist, manipulator or fraud: It doesn’t have to mean anything for you and your business.

The REAL reviews will by far out number the lies. And your heart and intention will shine through.

For more inspiration and guidance…

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