(Hi! This is an old coaching page from circa 2012. I am leaving the page active as an example for students in my Become a Coach course. Thanks!)

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Working with me means adding a person to your support system who specializes in creating a safe space and relationship to talk about your life without fear of judgement. It is a relationship where you are accepted and understood. You will feel heard and supported while you are given the skills and knowledge you need to create change.

I will meet you were you are at and help you move forward.

I’ve helped countless people become clear about what they want, work through limiting beliefs, make positive changes, and design a life they are obsessed with living. You are capable. You can do, be, and have more. You can become your happiest self. The possibilities for your growth and happiness are endless.

Do you:

  • Desire to create real, lasting change in your life?
  • Feel stuck in your current relationship or job?
  • Need help creating a positive self-image?
  • Desire the confidence be your true self?
  • Need communication skills to improve current relationship dynamics?
  • Feel ready to finally follow your passion or dream?
  • Need added support in a big decision or transition?
  • Desire to move forward/heal from past hurts?
  • Feel curious about what meditation & other wellness practices could work for you?
  • Need someone in your support system who is uber encouraging and REALLY believes in you?
  • Want to LOVE life more?!
There are about a million and a half life-coaches in the world right now. So, why me?
I begin our work from the stance that there is nothing wrong with you. You may have developed some ways of being in and reacting to the world
that do not serve you, but I believe that you have potential for an amazing life. I believe you are worthy of the life and lifestyle you truly desire.
It is my goal to pull you up out of whatever you are in, not analyze it/make you feel bad about it/perpetuate you feeling stuck any longer.
I have a Masters of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University.
As well as hundreds of hours of training in various coaching and counseling techniques.

I am determined to build you up, never tear you down. I will not contribute to your guilt/fear/uncertainty around these areas in your life. We will focus on what you are doing right, explore what you could do differently, and help you create new patterns and habits that will change your life for the better.

Coaching with me works. Clients often tell me they feel better from the very first session.

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The deets:

Sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime or phone. Sessions are 60 minutes long.

If you live in or are visiting DALLAS, in person sessions can be arranged. I also travel to meet clients for half day workshops or mini retreats.
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Business Coaching:

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