Welcome to the Best Month of Your Life

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THIS, my loves, was my FIRST periscope!

And I had no idea what I was doing — like at all. I had literally just signed up for periscope a few hours before.

In the month since I’ve recorded it, me and periscope have become BFFS (check me out — @xoamandafrances) — I love getting on the live streams, and riffing on how to design a life and business you are BEYOND completely, wildly obsessed with.

New clients, students and members of my mastermind have found me on periscope… It has been a game changer and I am so happy that I once again, started before I am ready.

Let’s get back to Designing the Best Month of Your Life.

I believe so completely in this topic.

And here’s why: You, my friend, are a kick-ass rock-star. You are a powerful being. YOU have the power to attract anything that you desire into your life.

It is in you. It is possible. You can do it.

The problem is most people are running around haphazardly attracting some good and some bad into their lives, not realizing what kind of power they have.

And that’s really unfortunate, because you can have a say in how this living-on-earth thing goes for you. You have magnificent power.

And the entire Universe loves it when you harness this power. God/Angels/Universe/all that is good is obsessed with helping you fulfill your divine life purpose.

Learning how to harness and focus your magnificent power and use your energy intentionally and for good… will change everything for you.

In the video I talk about my personal process for manifesting. I also share some of my best tips for bringing in anything that you desire into your life and lead you guys through a powerful meditation.

Below the periscope, is a place to sign up for my FREE coaching video: Earning with Your Divine Purpose! I am amazed with the incredible testimonials and miracles that have come from those who have watched this coaching video. Sign up here for instant access. (Those who sign up get $300 off A Course About Courses! EEEK!)



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  1. Thank you. I’ve been feeling disconnected all weekend and that was the guidance and energy that I needed to feel back in line and bring the faith and trust back into myself.

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