God is Bigger than the Church

God is bigger. He is bigger than any religious building. He is bigger than man’s interpretation of him. He is bigger than the person on the stage telling you to think of god in a certain — often fear based — way. I don’t have a problem with the church — I have a problem the leaders of church’s speaking to us in such a way that we don’t get to know God for ourselves.

Our own, growing, evolving relationship with God — a relationship of *our own* understanding — must begin to outweigh the dogma and f*ed up doctrine that many churches have tried to fill our heads with.

The church is not God. God is not a man on a stage. God is… God.

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Amanda Frances is it time to end your relationship? podcast

RELATIONSHIP Q: Is it time to END your relationship.

Someone asked me: “How do I know if it’s time to end my relationship? I’ve been asking for signs. And I’m not sure what to do.” The thing is this: We are powerful creators. Inside of relationships, outside of relationship and in the various scenarios of our lives, we are capable of turning sh*t into gold. But sometimes, we don’t want to or feel we shouldn’t.

Today I share, how I decided it was time to end a seven-year relationship I was in, what the clues were for me, and how I ultimately knew what to do.

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You Can Always Make More. Warning: Big Numbers Inside!

The thing about money is this: It’s limitless. There is no cap. More is always available. Money is always floating around and circulating the planet being exchanged between people continually and we are capable of attracting, allowing and generating more and more into our lives. I shared with this group a bit about the investment, what led up to it, what it brought up for me, and the value of being at our edge and being a little bit uncomfortable with the thing we are doing next.

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LUXURY HOME TOUR: Amanda Frances's Home Renovation is Complete!

LUXURY HOME TOUR: Amanda Frances’s Home Renovation is Complete!

nearly two years ago I bought a house at the edge of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It was the first home I bought to live in myself. When I bought it, I knew it would be the last place I would live as a single woman. I called it “my last single girl house” — and I did it up EXACTLY as I wanted. The renovation was a little intense. I gutted a bath room and the kitchen; redid the laundry room; automated everything (it’s a full smart house) added plants, trees and beautiful landscaping; and fully furnished the house. It was a big endeavor, but it’s finally complete. AND it’s a whole vibe.

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Rich as F*ck Book Party with Amanda Frances in West Hollywood, CA

You are worthy of money. You are capable and deserving. Life is responding to you. Money loves to support you.
Life did not set most of us up for the life we wanted… and yet… it’s still available to us. We can still do, have, be and achieve.
We can still go after it. We can still create a new — and very different — future. It is not too late for us!
You can thrive inside a very supportive relationship with money. You are meant to…
And I can show you how!
My book is called: Rich as F*ck: More Money than You Know What to do With
And it’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc!
We got 900+ five star reviews on Amazon saying this is the book for you!
Rich as F*ck Book Grab it here.

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Living Your Life as the Exception to the Rule + Achieving the Impossible!!

live my life as an exception to many rules. I should not have been a multimillionaire. This life shouldn’t be possible, but I created the impossible and that’s what I want for people. That’s why I do this. Putting myself in front of a large online audience. It’s not always easy. Sometimes it makes people mad. But even with all the nonsense, I have to go back to… it matters! It matters that I do this for each person that I affect positively. It matters to people who have a breakthrough reading my book or enrolling in one of my courses. It matters to them.

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