how to keep going bigger without burning out

avoid burn out

Hello boss ladies!

I am fresh off an incredible trip to Tulum.

In Tulum I was able to get clear, re-center, re-focus, and move forward in my business in a more powerful way.

I believe it is vital that as we up our game and give more and more of ourselves to the world through our spiritual businesses, it is vital that we up our self-care too.

If we burn out, then the people who we are here to help, will not be able to receive our gifts.

Though, I believe, we grow our capacity to hold more and do more as we go, it is vital that we never stop checking in with our hearts and bodies and be ridiculously honest with ourselves about what we need four ourselves at any given time.

And you don’t have to go to abroad to make this shift. You can clear some space in your week right now to be really honest with yourself about what you need.

in this video I share with you, how I avoided burnout and exhaustion, by adding some beautiful and simple things back into my world and routine.

If you don’t even know where to start do this:

1. Sit in stillness. Close your eyes. And breathe.

2. Become aware of what’s going on in your body. Are you tired? Is your mind racing? Are you hungry?

3. Honor yourself. Do something that feels good to you – right now.

Some examples of things that might help you shift back into a more centered and grounded place: Take a nap. Journal. Meditate.  Rest. Continue to sit in stillness and breathe. Eat breakfast before you rush out the door and into work-mode.

What ever it is you need, I encourage you to love yourself more today.

Massive love,




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