how to make bad things the best thing that ever happened to you

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You know those days that you are like, “OMG! Like really? Seriously, God?”

You feel like you can’t get ahead, can’t get a break, can’t get on top of your shit and you are like “WTF?!”

We have all been there.

And, as I know you have noticed, like attracts like.

Bad creates more bad.

Chaos creates more chaos.

Freaking the eff out often creates more things to freak the eff out about.

The day you fail the test is day you get a speeding ticket.

The day you fight with your boyfriend is the day you get in a wreck.
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It’s not that you can never have a negative thought …it’s just that getting in a funky place and staying there attracts more funkiness. 

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And as much as that probably makes you want to punch life in the face, you can use it to your advantage.

You can shift. You can choose to see things differently. You can turn it all around. You can use it for your good.

You can take the time to find the opportunity in it… and the lesson (there always is one).

It’s not just about thinking positively… It’s about taking your power back. It’s about not staying in that place that attracts more shit to you. It’s about creating the life you deserve one thought, intention, emotion, and vibe at a time.


In this video, I talk about the day I sat down to film my weekly vlog and my tripod broke and then my fancy camera broke, and then it started to rain. This did not mean that some cosmic force did not want me to film. This just meant that I had a choice.

I was pissed… for a second. I was ready to punch things. And then I was like, “Okay, Amanda. You teach this stuff. What are you going to do with this seemingly bad situation?”

And I got it together. I found an even prettier place to film my vlog.

I filmed THREE vlogs instead of one (ahead of schedule – woot).

AND the place I ended up filming had a FUN cocktail party happening downstairs — so I walked in (obvi).

The night began to go so magically and I was enjoying myself so much that I asked the manfriend to drive over so we could have our regular date night in the area and I just went with it and had a fabulous night!

I haven’t looked into getting the camera fixed yet, but WHATEVER… I have three vlogs filmed… so I have three weeks to get around to it.
(You hear me, Universe, we got three weeks turn this into good ;)).

TRUST that it is all going your way. Know the Universe has your back. Know God is on your side. Know you are always being guided.



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I love you,


Amanda Frances


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