Getting Paid To Be Yourself — Part One

Hello Boss Ladies!

It is my absolute joy to continually bring to you the best tips, tricks and tools
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People ask me to share how I branded myself online constantly, but other than with my private clients, I have never disclosed this information: Until Now!

Per usual, I will break down my process, making it easy to understand, implement, and follow.
I am so pumped to share with you:

Amanda Frances How to grow your online presence by owning your truth. (I add about 1k followers to both my Instagram and Facebook each month.)

Amanda Frances How to turn your truth into your core message and integrate that into your branding. (Branding made easy.)

Amanda Frances Why purely authentic branding results in loyal followers who are obsessed with your work and buy from you again and again. (I happily make between 10k-20k a month with my online biz.)

Amanda Frances The non-negotiable thing that's likely missing from your branding and standing in the way from clients easily signing up to work with you.

Amanda Frances One easy question to ask yourself to clean up your branding bloopers today!

Amanda Frances The branding mistake that I made for years, that WAY delayed my financial growth and online influence.



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