Omg… I think I did it.

Current state of affairs: Laying in my bed crying. Completely overjoyed. I am laying here thinking, “Omg. Amanda. You did it. You had the idea for a business in your head. You had a desire to help others, work for yourself and earn money in your heart. You were tired of the status quo. And you did it.”

The business works. It runs. It supports you.

Five figure months. Six figure year. It works. It’s easy.

I change it when an aspect of it isn’t working. I grow it as I desire more money. I rest when I need to rest. I work when I need to work. I hire others (and pay them well) when I need support. I go on a twelve day luxurious island hopping adventure when I need to relax (pics below). And I am supported by this service-based, love-filled business.

I am thinking, “You did it. And you are just getting started. The best is truly yet to come.”

I’ve allow the business to evolve as my desires and expertise evolve.

But it all started with life-coaching.

I’ve said this before about my early years as a life coach and I’ll say it again: I truly love my job. I feel fulfilled each day as I am of service to others, but have significant flexibility. I created my career around the things that are important to me. It may sound silly, but I sleep until 10 am every day and don’t see a client before noon. I have plenty of time to meditate and get myself centered each day. I go to yoga classes or meet friends between clients. I travel as often as I like, and because I coach via Skype and phone, I don’t miss a beat – or a paycheck. No matter what is important to you, you can build your coaching practice around it.

Spiritually, my only secrets are the surrendered willingness to asking for divine guidance each day and the strength to step into the unknown with each inspired action.

Practically, there is a little more to it, but it’s not super complicated. You just need someone to give you the steps.

I created the Become a Life Coach course to give you all of the information and confidence you need to make the difference (and the living) that you desire.

And RIGHT NOW I have a combo offer that I am a little bit obsessed with, you can get the Become a Life Coach course PLUS the Money Mentality Makeover course together.

That’s nine weeks of audios, videos, affirmations, meditations, and homework to help you start and grow a business you love while removing every limiting belief and mental block you have around your abilities and potential that sound something like, “Who am I to be a life coach?” or “I could never make that kind of money.”

Learn to FEEL supported and abundant each day while you set up your business. Begin to know that God is on your side and the Universe has your back and that it is of HIGH service to the world for you to do, earn, and have more resources to work with.

Don’t wait for someone else to recognize you, promote you, invest in you, believe in you… Go ahead and do those things for yourself, right now.

There are a lot of programs out there that cover a lot of content, but the Become a Life Coach course and the Money Mentality Makeover courses were designed by a life coach for life coaches in hopes that you will realize your earning potential and design a life and business that you are completely obsessed with.

Read more about the course combo: here.

To get my FREE Wealthy Woman Meditation, click here.

You can do it. You will do it. Just take one inspired step at at time.


To your future happiness,

Amanda Frances


And, just for funzies, here are so pics from my Tulum, Isla Mujeres, & Isla Holbox adventure!
























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by, the very talented, Andrea McKinney Flowers


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