feeling the fear and doing it anyway: how to become a life-coach

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When I started my business I was a hot-mess of fear.

My mind would race with self-defeating thoughts…”What if it doesn’t work? What if I can’t pay my bills?” I would imagine my embarrassment when people found out that I didn’t make it. I was scared to death.

But for me, the alternative was far far worse… If I followed the traditional path of those in my field there would be quite a few years ahead of me of being over-worked, underpaid, and dealing with a lot of crap. I saw the lifestyle that would be ahead of me I didn’t want it… like really really didn’t want it. 

All I wanted to do was help people. I didn’t want to work in stressful environments that wore me down to the point of not being able to serve anyone.

I just wanted to help people live better lives.


So, I took a leap.

I felt the fear… and then I did it anyway.

Choosing to go out on my own meant choosing to NEVER be over-worked, underpaid, or answering to someone else ever, ever again. I chose happiness.

I choose the life-style I wanted. I chose a life full of flexibility and independence in a world of supportive women doing the same.

I chose to become a life-coach.

I get to help others, make a big difference, earn money, and work on my terms. I will never have to answer to anyone else again.

My lunches are long. My vacations are constant. My time with those I love is as much as I choose it to be. 

This month I spent time in Austin, Houston, and NYC. I travel a lot (because travel is one of the things I love) and my business doesn’t miss a beat — or a paycheck.
Do you desire: Ultimate freedom, the ability to travel as you please, more time with your friends and family? 

I do Skype sessions from my house, phone sessions from the pool, and in person sessions at the coffee shop by my house. I structure my days however I want. 
I work about 15 hours a week and I made 7k+ last month. 


How to become a life coach, become a life coach, life coaching programs, meaningful careers


So what exactly do I do now?!

Life Coaching can mean A LOT of different things.

I think my testimonial page says it best (click here to see what clients are saying…) but I basically help people work through the limiting beliefs that stand in their way of living the life they really waynt.

My clients learn to accept themselves as I accept them. As their self-worth increases, my clients tend to earn more money and create happier relationships. (When you know your worth, you find yourself setting better boundaries in relationships and negotiating for higher pay.)

My clients let go of resentment, anger, and guilt as we work through what their past experiences taught them about themselves and the world — and begin to work through and rewrite those stories.

I believe in them, encourage them, empower them, and support them. I teach them that the universe has their back — and so do I.


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I have a Masters of Science in Counseling.

I’ve completed trainings in business, PR, EFT, and meditation. I spent over $200k on my education and trainings.

Before each program I enrolled in… I felt a little bit (more often a lot bit) afraid.

I was afraid to: spend the money, take a chance, fail, etc.

But I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t enrolled in that first program. 



With that in mind, I am so excited to teach 20 soon-to-be Life-Coaches every single thing that I know in my Become a Life-Coach Online Program.

In my 6 week life coaching program you will:

  • learn how to set up and structure your business
  • learn skills to create safe and supportive environments for your clients
  • learn how to establish yourself as an expert in the field
  • learn the basics of setting up your website and online presence
  • learn how to attract the best clients for you — so that you can be of your highest service


No matter what is on your heart and what you desire to do in the world, I encourage you to feel the fear… and do it anyway.

The world needs your gifts.

Don’t hold back.


I love you,

Amanda Frances


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