Becoming a Leader in the Online Space: Consuming vs. Influencing

Hi loves.

I have said for a long time that the more you grow in your business, the less you will use social media as a consumer, and the more you will use it as an influencer.

For me, that looks something like this: Say what you have to say. Sign off. Live your life.

This was reinforced to me today when I laid in a plane and between movies, accidentally started scrolling. (Very rare.)

I then read through and involved myself in some conversations.

After a few minutes, I thought to myself:

What TF are you doing? You don’t argue, agree, ponder, discuss, or prove. You do not get consumed in other people’s convos that miss the whole point for you.

You are a leader. You lead.

You set an example. You give inspiration. You share teachings.

You show what’s possible. You unabashedly embody the creation of intentional abundance.

And when it comes to social media:

You say what you have to say. Then you walk away.

You let others discuss, ponder, wonder, speculate… and write posts about you if they must.

But you do not engage.

To be clear, the posts and conversations today were good. They were valuable for the people who wrote them and helpful for they people they wrote them for.

They just weren’t my convos to be in.

They weren’t the best use of my resources.

I know the value of my thoughts, ideas, energy and time. And these things are reserved for spaces where it is the most impactful and useful.

I’ll also say this…

A theme for me and my true peers, friends, and mastermind is this:

We are deeply consumed in our own lives, passions, and causes.

>> Yes, we obviously earn significantly more and work significantly less each year.

>> No, we aren’t stressing about little things like launches. We are masters at what we do. We follow what works for us. We know how to let it be easy.

>> No, we do not feel compelled to share every detail of our personal lives. Because we understand that our online presence is our job, not our lives. And we make the rules for what is shared.

>> No, we are not feeling obligation to FB groups or private client chats. Of course, I value the containers were people have access to me, but I do not live there all day. I haven’t had social media notifications or email on my phone in years.

>> Yes, we are growing and thriving in every area of our lives. Clearly. That is and was always the entire point.

>> And no, we certainly aren’t scrolling all day, gossiping group and chats, or paying any attention to what other people are doing on the internet.

Because leaders… lead.

They do not gossip. They do not compare. They do not engage where their insight and understanding will not be made most useful.

And they do not make themselves feel better by speculating about what is really going on in other people’s lives.

They rise above the crowd. They don’t engage in the noise.

They fucking lead.

The end.