The real Story of Amanda Frances,

Becoming a Money-Making, Truth-Based Brand

Hi loves!

I am pumped for this week’s vlog.

Team AF pulled a few powerful minutes from a training from last year. (You probably haven’t seen this one.)

During the video, I riff on what it was like to create a truth-based, money-making brand.


I get very annoyed at the idea that we are supposed to create a persona online.

>> This is because your truth, your heart, and your desire are more powerful than anything we could ever contrive, force or fake to get attention online. <<


The thing is, Amanda Frances is the real me.

I didn’t create her. I just finally decided to let her out.

She is the embodiment of my truth. 

She is the embodiment my most unapologetic self.

She is sometime shy, nervous and self-conscious.

But she also open, determined and fierce.

And she knows her work is important.

I didn’t always live out life as the Amanda Frances you know today. 

And I didn’t always think this way about monetizing and be known for my truth.

Today, I am sharing the real story of what I had to walk away from + what I chose to step into + how this all went down.


My real name + the real story:




I can’t wait to hear from you.

Please let me know your thoughts below.