Best of 2023: Our Favorite AF Riffs from This Year

As we’re wrapping up the year, Team AF and I have put together some of our favorite AF riffs of 2023. These clips were taken from lives and new modules for courses that were recorded this year.

Here are our favorite AF wisdom drops of 2023:

*Loving Yourself Through Change* (from Money Mama Module 3). We are good enough because we are — always. Any improvements we want to make to ourselves can come from a place of I am enough. I am enough and I get to change things. I am enough and I get to shift things. I am enough and I get to create whatever I want. Not from a place of I am lacking. The place your actions come from can create many, many different results. We can always do things from a place of I am enough and I choose it, not I have to do something to fix myself, to be worthy to others or to be acceptable in the world. We are good enough because we are.

*How I Handle Haters* (from Show The F*ck Up Module 10). In this journey of showing the f*ck up and being visible online, people will see you through whatever lens they see life. (And some people are seeing life through crazy as hell lenses.) They view life the way they view it, and they’re projecting it on to you, and it’s not always fun. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it to build a community that feels safe and supportive and lets people learn and grow on their journeys. To have staying power, you keep your heart soft, you keep your skin thick, and you do what you believe you’re called and meant to do no matter what.

*Overcoming Anxiety and Fears Around Money* (from Money + Overflow + Vibes Livestream). We often have fears around money. Both around not having money and having it. What if the money doesn’t come? What if I get it, but then I don’t fit in with my friends or family? What if I lose the money? What if I can’t handle having it? Know this: Avoiding our fears makes them appear… bigger and scarier. Acknowledging your fears takes the power away from them. You’re human, it’s ok to be afraid and always know, you can move through and work through these fears. We reduce the power the fear holds, so that the fear isn’t enough to keep us from wanting it, going for it and knowing we are safe to have it. The work is knowing you are safe to have the things you desire. When you know it is safe to use and have money, you are able to stack and build it up. This is what we call overflow… and this is where the fun starts.

*Knowing Your Power Even When the World is Mad* (from Wealthy Woman Module 6). We’ve been through a lot as a society, but do we have to succumb to it? Do we have to be caught up in it? Does it have to affect our dominant vibration of expecting good things to come to us in this life? No. We still get to choose how we feel, how we be, what we expect, how we vibrate, what we create. We don’t have ultimate control of the world all the time, but we do always have power. You are a powerful being. Even when things feel crazy and out of control and we don’t know what’s happening in the world, you are a powerful being.

*Let a Season be a Season* (from Instagram Live). Slow seasons are just that. Do not perpetuate, accentuate and intensify what it means to be a season. Over identifying with a limiting belief calls in more of what you don’t want. When you recognize that you aren’t aligning with the thing you want, ask yourself: Who am I being that is available for this? We have so much power over our lives. Everything is happening in co-creation with us and for us. Let’s stay in and choose our power. Amen?

*Let Your Money Desires Evolve* (from Money Mentality Makeover Module 9). What I desired in the past supported me then, and what I desire now supports me now. It’s all available and it’s all possible. The nuance here is this: I don’t feel afraid to spend. I don’t think it’s wrong to spend. I don’t think I’m going to mess up anything by spending. I believe I can spend and invest at the same time. I still believe in more than enough. I still believe in overflow and spending is still joyful to me. But what wins for me today is: Does it feel worth it? Does it feel worth it to me? Is it a good use of my money? If it doesn’t feel worth it, I don’t do it, because it’s my money and it’s my job to use it well. Different things have felt like using it well pre-babies and post-babies. And I trust these phases of life to move me in the right direction as I go.

Money still loves you. Money still wants to work for you. Money is still for you.

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Sending so much love.

Amanda + Team AF