Happy New Year’s Lovers!

Welcome to the Best Year of Your Life



I can not believe it is 2k12! WOW! :-) So, I don’t know how you’re feeling about this, but I am super duper pumped. 2011 is a year that I am ready to put in the past.  I believe that every moment is a chance for a fresh start, but a new year is such a great opportunity to embark on new beginnings.

Have you made your resolutions?

Now I know resolutions seem silly and meaningless for some – but trust me going to the gym on January 1 and losing your membership by January 15 is not what a new beginning is all about.

Resolutions can be your friend and it is not too late to make them. We are only 1 week in to what could be the best year of your life (thus far, of course).


So here is my advice on making this year THE BEST YEAR YET!


{one} Make a goal for multiple areas of your life. This could include health/wellness, work/finances, family/friendships, dating/relationships, home/things/location, etc.

Also include your passions. For me this involves traveling, important relationships, business, education, and personal/spiritual growth.


{two} Now, my very realistic boyfriend may role his eyes just a little as he reads this, but I try to make goals that are slightly (or way) out of reach. For me that means things that I won’t know how to accomplish on my own. I want to exercise my faith, learn from others, challenge my abilities, and have to depend on something bigger than me at the end of the day.

For example, if I knew that I could kind of easily save x amount of dollars for the year, I’d probably increase the number by 25% or 50% so that  I have to get creative to accomplish it.


{three}  Make a plan. I am really wanting to look into advertising for my blog this year. So I have a goal of how much I need to make a month to make my site profitable and sustainable. I have a plan which includes how often I must blog, what type of increase I must have, etc so that this is a place that would be benefit for someone to advertising on. But like I said above, I made the end-goal a little unobtainable to create a fun challenge.

Write it down. Put your heart in it. Put your faith in it.


There you go! I hope this helps you set some great goals and get ready for an incredible year.

I really believe this year can be amazing so starting Monday I’ll begin posting life-lessons to make 2012 the best year yet! I think there will be 12 of them. Stay tuned!


Let’s go places we’ve never been, do things we’ve never done, loved like we’ve never loved, and have the time of our lives.


I pray 2012 exceeds your wildest expectations.



amanda frances


Now, by demand , at look at. . .

– NYE 2012 –


A black tie optional benefit held in an elegant 1920’s mansion in my hometown. Ball gowns. Sparkly sequins cocktail numbers. Tuxedos and suits.  Champagne. Dancing. Sparklers. The perfect midnight kiss (dip and all).

Ah, hello brand new year!


{Gown: Badgley Mischka  Bangles: Cara Accessories

Earrings:  Altar’d State Shoes: my friend Elle’s closet}

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