You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once To me, YOLO does not mean do ridiculous things that will harm yourself and other and give you many things to regret. It means to do things you love each day, step out of your comfort zone on the regular, enjoy your life more fully, and worry way less about what […]

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. . Kentucky Derby Theme . .

Recently two of my girlfriends put together a completely lovely Kentucky Derby themed Bridal Shower for an adorable bride-to-be. The day before the event this conversation occurred…   Guy Friend: What are you doing? Me: Just shopping for a Kentucky Derby Shower I’m going to tomorrow Guy Friend: Oh, that’s cool! You guys going to ride horses? […]

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Good Morning Lovers!   So after the official bachelorette weekend in LA, I gave myself a day and to travel by my lonesome and have Amanda-time! Thank Heavens! I love to travel alone and find myself looking for opportunities to do so often. My real life is always busy and planned so my favorite thing […]

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