Hopeless Hope

We’ve all heard the cliché: “You can’t change the past.”And while the statement is obviously true, for me, the meaning was long ago lost from repetitious hearing of the words.   I know that I can’t change the past as much as I know that I can’t the number of hours in a day, the weather, […]

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The Top-Knot

Without a doubt, a girl’s hair is her first noticed accessory.     I, personally, have kinky, wavy, hot-mess type hair and wake up looking far from anything resembling bouncy and stylish. The shampoo-condition-product-style process only happens like once a week.  For the days that I don’t get a blow-out, I rely on this method to go […]

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Vintage Vegas

        Requested Attire: Vintage Vegas Event: The birthday celebration of two of my most favorite girlfriends. Venue: The penthouse bar of our favorite downtown landmark.     In my opinion, it was each person’s interpretation of the dress code that made the event spectacular. Red nails. Red lips. Fabulous hats and head […]

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