Grab the Keys and Get in the Back Seat!   My car died Monday night. It decided enough was enough – 189,131 miles was all it was able to give to me and krrrr-plunk, she was gone. No warning was given. She gave up the good fight. So I, of course, decided to improvise! […]

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Lessons from the Past

When you find an old journal. . . (Originally written Jan. 10, 2010) I’ve been writing my entire life. I started when I was 5. I have probably 100 journals completely filled with my hopes, dreams, desires, visions, fears, all the guys I thought I’d marry, and more. When I found this entry from a very […]

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The Worst of the Worst

[I’m posting this because I think it’s okay to be this vulnerable. I guess I think it’s fine to expose yourself. . . because that shows you and who ever is listening how far you’ve come. Reading this, It doesn’t seem like me, not really even a very sad, scared, pessimistic version of me, but that’s […]

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