Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp

Good! Me too.

So, I'm doing something a little different.

I am expanding my capacity to help you grow, expand and conquer your dreams.

I am releasing some of my best, most inspired, most channeled content over a ten day period... for a small group of high vibe bossladies.

My intention is that this bootcamp will be one of those things that blows your mind, shakes you up, propels you forward, and leaves you never the same.

Amanda Frances You are so ready to get your message, mission, or work into the world at a new level.

Amanda Frances You long to elevate your influence, multiply your impact and next level your income.

Amanda Frances You need, deeply inside of you, to reach and help more people. It burns within you. You have to. It's like oxygen.

Amanda Frances You know that it just makes sense to have tons of potential clients/students/followers, who love your work, engaged with you online. It is time for that for you.

Amanda Frances You are SO ready for those who need your work to be able to find you, follow you, and buy from you. You know it's time this become easy.

Amanda Frances You are standing out a little -- but you long to stand out more. You desire some internet fame.

Amanda Frances None of this is for your own sake. You have to reach more people, to answer your calling, do what you are on earth to do.

Amanda Frances Playing small just doesn't even make sense anymore. You can't hold back. You need to go bigger.

Amanda Frances You FEEL everything I am saying right now energetically. You are starting to buzz. You want more. You long for more.

Your ideal clients exist and they are already on the internet.

It’s your job to make it mother effing easy for your people to find you, follow you and buy from you.

Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp is a completely new take on online branding.

It's not just the social media strategy and the fonts and the colors (though we do that...)

... but we do the actual important shit too.

We tap into your purpose, we pull your core message from your soul and we magnetize those who need you... to you, by you understanding how mother fucking important it is that your work get into the world.

Here is the thing: My following grows quickly. I triple my income each and every year. Amanda Frances Inc generated $1.5 million last year. 

I'm going to hit at least $3 million in 2018.

And it doesn't get harder each year -- it gets way, way easier... 

... because I get better... not just better at business... better at tapping into my power, owning my calling, and stepping unto unshakable certainty around my work.

For years, people have asked me who I hired to create my brand.
And I roll my eyes. That is not how you create a brand.

Through owning my truth, declaring it boldly and teaching everything I know... I evolved into a brand that is a natural extension of my heart.

It's time you step into your truth and put your best, highest, and most authentic self into the world — unapologetically and with boldness, and then consistently and strategically share your truth online daily — in such a way where people can’t help but follow you.

When you own your message fully -- you can't help but share it. 

Everything gets easy.

YOUR IDEAL CLIENT CAN’T HIRE YOU if she doesn’t know about you.

She has to be able to find you, get to know you, and understand what you do…  

When your presence is infused with authentic branding, unique messaging, and your core truth… everything flows.

You are now fun, inspiring, empowering, addicting to follow online.

Once you accomplish this people can’t take their eyes off you.

You stand out. People KNOW who you are. They get what you do.

And they show up to every discovery session, consultation and webinar ready to hire you.

Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp is designed to catapult your online presence and multiply the number of people who know about your work/want to work with you...

Fame is not a bad thing. Fame is influence. Fame is an ability to make a difference for those who long to find and follow someone like you.

Fame gets to be defined by you.

We can attract/call in influence + fame just like anything else...

There is a point where not becoming massively influential with the message/gifts/strategy/voice you have been given does a ridiculous disservice to the world.

Think about it.

During this ten day bootcamp you can 100% ask me anything... pick my brain about anything... strategize anything/everything with me. 

This bootcamp the fastest way I know solidify you in your message and truth, get you noticed, and get you paid.

It's time to make the difference that you are here to make.

GET CLEAR. Clarity is always the first step to getting what you want. This week is about getting massively clear on your message/your core truth and translate that into your authentic branding. This will transform your vibe, energy, and voice instantly. This lesson alone is absolutely business changing.

GET CONFIDENT. Confidently embrace the uniqueness that is you. It's time to love, accept, believe in and embrace yourself and your gifts... so that others can do the same. Let's squishing doubt, fear, dread, and self-consciousness about your work. It’s absolutely vital that you know and believe with every ounce of you that your work is massively important. I share my personal daily steps to keep myself boldly and unapologetically believing in work. Once we are clear there, I will I teach you my unique process for picking the visual comments to your brand. We will style your brand so it looks and feels LIKE YOU.

GET VISIBLE. It's my job to teach you everything I know about getting visible online. People cannot hire you if they can’t see you. It’s time to show up on social media and in your client's inbox with purpose. I will share with you my strategies for online visibility and how to stand out on social media platforms. These strategies have grown my Instagram to 26.3k followers, my Facebook fan page to 24k followers, and my Facebook group to 29k+ followers.

GET PAID. MY FAVORITE PART: Let's tap into the irresistible energy that comes from boldly and unapologetically sharing your authentically branding truth online. This is the major ways I attract clients, media, and money. I will also share my process for getting clear around my earnings goals and standing behind those numbers until they are mine. I will go into pricing, overcoming objections around price, and raising your prices over time. I also give you my five-step process for making money with each new offer online. This process and mindset is a massive contributor to my $100k+ months (currently earning around $250k each month -- having sixteen back to back six-figure months). I will share how I infused practicality and spirituality in earning my desired income. It simply wouldn’t be one of my courses if we didn’t manifest our desires.

GET CREATIVE. In this recorded q+a module from last year, I clear up some of the most commonly asked questions around showing up online. Sharing without feeling annoying. Showing up online when your family thinks your crazy. Infusing seemingly different aspects of yourself/your work together into one brand. How to do your own SEO. How to run the show, drop the fear, change your mind and keep going... every day.


GET FAMOUS. Famous is often a dirty word in spiritual circles, but listen, fame is just influence. What type of NEXT LEVEL influence do you desire? What do you feel called to in terms of how massive your empowering, impactful brand becomes?! I am here to give you permission to set a ridiculously BIG vision around what you are here to do and how next level your reach can be. You can have whatever you want.

GET ELEVATED. Omg! This one is so good. In this brand new training module -- that I recorded earlier this year -- we talk about the energetic uplevels that will continually be required of to go to the next phase of your dreams, vision, and purpose... over and over again. This is the stuff that allows you to speed up time and build your empire quickly. As someone who triples their business each year, I really really get this. Let's quantum leap. Are you ready?

I will teach you to:

check-mark-xo Get ridiculously clear on your core message
check-mark-xo Believe in yourself and the power of your work, fiercely
check-mark-xo Implement the strategy + mindset that keeps me growing so fast
check-mark-xo Grow an audience that is obsessed with you by virtue of service
check-mark-xo Increase your capacity for greater levels of impact and income


I will ask you to:

53-xox Release, once again, your tendency to play small
53-xox Align yourself with your truth in all you do... like, yesterday
53-xox Rise up to a new level of service + purpose 
53-xox Look your resistance and fear and excuses in the face 
53-xox Expand your current capacity for experiencing abundance + joy + passion
53-xox Dedicate to receiving your desires
53-xox Raise your mother effing vibe. It's time you feel good + love your business
53-xox Make sh*t easier. Less effort. More flow. Every day.

Amanda Frances Content dropped each day for ten days

Amanda Frances Pre-Work that will instantly shift how you show up online

Amanda Frances All seven modules of Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp

Amanda Frances Two pre-recorded FAQ trainings (Pure Gold!)

Amanda Frances Brand New Module 7 -- released on the last day of The Bootcamp!

Amanda Frances Recordings + Unlimited Replays of All Content (Lifetime Access!)

Amanda Frances Workbook and Transcripts for Each Module

Amanda Frances Affirmations, meditations, and homework/journaling prompts for each module.

Amanda Frances Exclusive access to the BLB Membership Site

Amanda Frances Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp Facebook Group (Where I'll be available!)

Amanda Frances GET PAID TO BE YOURSELF: Two Part 120 Minute Video Training.

Amanda Frances COPY THAT CAPTURES HEARTS: Write Copy That Makes Future Clients LOVE You.

Amanda Frances SIX FIGURES WITH SELFIES TRAINING: Capture and Edit Your Own Pictures.

Amanda Frances NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS BRANDING BUNDLE: Seven Part Video Training Series

Instant Access to over 11 Hours of Bonus Content


BONUS: The Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp Mug!! This mug is scripted with your new very favorite affirmation. Drink your fave beverage out of it each morning as your journal, set your intentions and rock the bootcamp! I am so thrilled to give this you fo’ free! YAY! Say it with me: I am here on purpose. My work changes lives.

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I am a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a next level money manifestation queen.

I'm on a mission to get the power of money into the hands of good-hearted women here to change the world. I do that by empowering you, inspiring you, tell you the truth about how this thing works, and by teaching you everything I know.

It's time you drop the bullshit. It's time you own and step into your purpose. It's time you feel clear, confident, unapologetic and super f*cking worthy as you put your shit out into the world.

I'm good at what I do. I had 2000 students enroll in my courses in 2017. I have more than tripled my income each year since I started my business. I am on track to earn over $3 million in 2018 -- the year I turn 33.

I would not be where I am if allowed some one to contrive some false brand for me or if I had presented myself online as who I thought I was “supposed” to be.

My success is because of my commitment to my truth and my determination to unapologetically and boldly show up each day as my most authentic self.  My success is a result of my obsession with this work.

I believe deeply in the principals in this course. I believe in combining practical business strategy with undeniable energetic principals to grow your business... 

... but that doesn't even matter. 

What matters is this, if you feel called to this offer, then you know what to do. 

I would be so honored to serve you.

June 4 - June 13.

53-xox One 60 minute training will drop each day for ten days

53-xox You will receive access to all Boss Lady Branding content + 11 hours of bonuses

53-xox You will have access to me and my team in the Private Facebook group.

You will have all of the modules, the q+a calls, and all bootcamp content for life.

Upon enrolling, you will receive an email with a link to the Boss Lady Branding Bootcamp FB group (we will accept all requests for the group on June 2nd) + the bootcamp schedule + a registration link for my Boss Lady Branding membership site + instant access to ALL bonuses. YAY!

What if I am not a coach? Is this still for me?
Yes! Boss ladies from many industries including network marketing, beauty, metal health, etc have loved this course. Bottom line is this: I don't want you here if you don't want to be here. If you do not feel excited about this or called to it, please do not sign up.

I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?
A module will be delivered each day, but is up to you if you do the homework in real time. You have this content for life. Just being in the energy of the group will be transformational.

What if I am new in business. Is this for me?
Omg! Dear Lord, yes! I can not tell you how much I wish I would have understood these principals on day one of my business. My social media presence, paid offers, and free content would have been so much more impactful so much more quickly with the knowledge from this course.

Are you offering a payment plan?
YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.

What can I expect from this course?
A next level, high energy, fun and motivated community of bad ass boss ladies. A new way to seeing things. Homework that calls you to dive deep into who you are and what you are here to give so that you can show up boldly online and in life. A practical and spiritual explanation of how to do the damn thing + sell your shit online.

Can you guarantee specific results?
I love this course and I deeply believe in the principals in it. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who signed up for the course, did the work, and created some incredible kick-ass brands. However, the results you get are up to you. Show up and do the work.

What if I don’t like the course? Do you give refunds? 
No. Due to the nature of the course there will be no refunds given.

I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. << My attorneys make me say that. 

More Questions?! email for help!

To speak from my experience, when I get in environments of people who do-what-I-do and get-what-I-get... but get it in a higher way than me... it changes me. 

When someone has stepped into their calling/unapologetic strength and boldness/unshakable certainty in a higher way than I have... and I get in environments with them... 

... they lift me up.

Let this opportunity, community, and our collective energy lift you. 

You show up. And we will too.

If I am speaking to you... I would be so honored to serve you.

↓ ↓ ↓


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