Boss Lady Branding

** Do you desire to use your gifts, message or voice to make a great impact?

** Do you have a course, package, service, or offer for sell that isn't getting noticed in the saturated online market place?

** Do you fear that if you don't get seen and heard online that you will *never* be able to have the financial freedom and impact you desire?

** Are you SO ready to stop blending in online so that you can make some cashmoney while making a massive difference?

...then Boss Lady Branding is SO for you!

I believe in purely authentic branding.

Your brand is not something you create -- your brand is something you become.

The best branding is the kind that occurs when you step into your truth and put your best, highest and most authentic self into the world -- unapologetically and with boldness.

I said this the other day while teaching a group of my private clients:

"My brand is not something that I created. It’s who I really am when I’m not holding back or playing small. It’s who I was always meant to be. It’s my heart, mixed with my confidence in my God given gifts, mixed with my desire to change the world.
And my brand grew the most when I stopped trying to change ANY of it - and just owned who I was."

When this occurs, people can't take their eyes off you. You stand out. People KNOW who you are. They get what you do. And they show up to every discovery session/consultation/webinar ready to hire you.

When you've done the work of clarifying and owning your brand, your ideal clients show up. They know you are right for them right away and selling becomes easy.

The stronger your brand, the stronger your fans and the more success you will have as an online entrepreneur.

Clarifying and owning my brand changed everything for me.

I am here to show you each and every step of how I did this.

Authentic branding is one of the most effective (if not the most effective) ways I know of getting your message and offers seen and heard by those who need you.

Week One: Get Clear
It's time to translate your truest self into a clear and cohesive brand.

Clarity is ALWAYS the first step to getting what you want.

This week is about getting you massively clear on how to turn your truth into your core message and translate that into purely authentic branding.

This will transform your fonts, colors, styles, copy, and voice authentically.

This lesson alone is absolutely business changing as it brings the RIGHT clients into your business.

Don't worry, I know what questions to ask to get you there.
Week Two: Get Confident
It's time to confidently embrace the uniqueness that is you.

Until you love, accept, believe in and embrace yourself and your gifts...You are going to have a hard time getting anyone else to.

I will teach you my personal process for squishing doubt, fear, dread and self-consciousness in your work.

It's absolutely vital that you know and believe with every ounce of you that your work is massively important.

I will share with you the steps I personally take each day to keep myself boldly and unapologetically believing in my brand and my dreams.

It's time to see your amazingness clearly and embrace it fully!
Week Three: Get Visible
Clear branding and the confidence around your work does not matter at all until you get visible.

People can not hire you if they can't see you.

It's time to infuse your brand into everything that you do online in a way that stands out.

I will share with you my strategies for online visibility on Facebook, Instagram, Google and how to infused your branding into each platform.

This includes the strategies that:
- Grew my Instagram following by nearly 4k in just over four months.
- Increased my Facebook fan page likes by 11k in just over 10 months.

BONUS: Incorporating your branding into opt-ins and Facebook ads (and how to use these things) to speed up the process of getting in front of your ideal client.
Week Four: Get Paid
MY FAVORITE PART: I will teach you how to tap into the irresistible energy that comes from boldly and unapologetically sharing your authentically branding truth online.

This is one of the major ways I attract clients, media, and money.

I credit these processes for my consistent 8k-20k months over the past 16 months.

It simply wouldn't be one of my courses if we didn't manifest our desires.
This Four Week Course Includes:
- Weekly Meditations
- Weekly Affirmations
- Recordings for Each of the Four Training Videos
- Unlimited Replays
- Weekly (fun!) Homework
- Exclusive Access to Boss Lady Branding Webpages
- Exclusive Access to the Boss Lady Branding FaceBook Group

Amanda is an incredible coach, teacher and mentor.

I am a raving fan of her work.

Not only does she create kick ass courses, she’s always available in the Facebook groups to answer questions and gets back to me quickly. To me that’s so important to me.

Amanda is a visionary and creates beautiful courses! She always seems to know exactly what people need and creates a course for it at just the right time.

If you have gifts to share with the world and and don't knowhow to get yourself out there, then Amanda's work is for you.
"Amanda represents a creative way of thinking that is often not present in the field of helping professions; I now believe that the Universe has my back.

She allows you to feel empowered and passionate (again) about what you want to be doing in your life, and inspired to take action (immediately)!

She makes difficult concepts easy to understand and FUN.

Through my participation in her courses, I can honestly say I have made IMMENSE progress in developing a better mindset around issues of worth and confidence, a much greater understanding of business and technical skills, and I now give myself permission to integrate the spiritual part of myself into my professional identity.

This has caused massive strides in my life and business. I have grown significantly in how I perceive the value of myself and my services.

In the private Facebook group for Amanda's course, you will be surrounded by other energetically positive people who you will remain in contact with after the course for continued support and guidance!"
The shifts I have had since I started Amanda's courses bring tears to my eyes. I was brought to Amanda because I was finally ready for abundance. I feel like I finally have room for the abundance I desire and to create a business that inspires others and contributes to my family.

What I've learned from Amanda has been invaluable, not only for the short term as I created Hot Mess to Mindful Mom, but into the long term as well.

Amanda understands what it means to run a successful digital entrepreneur in every aspect.

Her courses have expanded my understanding of running an online business.

I find myself sharing my knowledge and new found expertise with contemporaries in business often and, for the first time, I really know what I am talking about

Hi! I'm Amanda Frances!

I am a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a manifestation queen.

And I am so excited you are here!

It is my intention to get you and your much needed gifts into the world through the development of beautiful and authentic branding.

I desire that you feel clear, confident, unapologetic and super effing worthy as you put yourself out into the world.

I want to help you utilize every resource that helped me build my multiple six figure business before the age of 30.

I would not be where I am if allowed some one to contrive some false brand for me or if I had presented myself online as who I thought I was "supposed" to be.

My success is because of my commitment to my truth and my determination to unapologetically and boldly show up each day as my most authentic self.

For years people have asked me to share my steps and tips for online branding. Other than with my private clients, I have never done so until now.

I believe that accepting, embracing, loving and declaring your best and highest self each day will be instrumental in you making the difference you were born to make while earning an income you're wildly obsessed with.

A little about me: I'm obsessed with hippie headbands, world travels, the colors white and gold, the f-words, and sunshine.

This is my fourth digital course.
This course is held completely online!

Each week you will gain access to all course content for that week through the
Boss Lady Branding Private website.

You have unlimited replays.

When you enroll, you will receive instant access to the Boss Lady Branding webpages with access to the video, meditations, affirmations, and homework for Week One!

Check your email upon enrolling!


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