Spiritual Meaning Behind Break Up, Job Loss, and Other Heart Break


Lovely, lovely friend,

Current state of affairs: I’m on an airplane headed toward the mountains.

And I am feeling all-of-the vulnerable.

So — Let’s talk about real life. Real, real life.

One week ago, my boyfriend of seven years and I, decided to break up. ie: go separate way, no longer do life together, be honest with one another about what we each wanted.

While this will always be the best thing we could have ever done for one another and while this relationship has been — by far — the greatest learning experience of my life, it’s sad as hell. Sad as fucking hell…

But necessary.

Here’s why:

Sometimes we have to go through seasons of shedding — where the evidence/feelings/pressure adds up and the truth becomes undeniable.

Either you get honest about the job/school/partnership/marriage… or life gets honest for you until you do.

So, let’s settle this now.

When something is removed, when something crazy shows up, and when life makes no effing sense, know this:

It’s not happening to you. It’s happening mother effing for you.

Rejection is protection. God is on your side. The Universe has your back. It’s all working out in your favor.

You are being guided. Your prayers are being answered through this experience. What will hold you back, has to fall away.

Skin is being shed. You no longer fit inside a cocoon. Your wings are longing to spread. It’s time to go bigger.

You are making room for something more fitting.

When you are oriented to your ultimate personal development and growth, your next steps may be given in this way.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. That doesn’t mean you won’t need to cry and analyze and vent to five friends and eat some ice cream. Do all of that.

Look at the experience. Look at it. All of it.

Feel all of your feelings. FEEL them all.

Be willing to observe your behavior. Tell yourself the truth about your fears.

What in you attracted this mismatch? What fears does this bring up in you? What are you afraid this experience means about you and your life? What limiting beliefs are coming to life through this that need some adjusting? (<– Journal that shit out)

Acknowledge that as you grow/change/raise your vibration, things that are no longer an energetic match for your truest desires, won’t fit into your life.

And even when you know that what is happening is divine, it is easy to slip into victim mode.

So… don’t.

Rise above. Move forward. Determine to learn the lesson. Know that you will now live and walk out your truth in a greater and more unapologetic way. Thank you, God.

You have shit to do, sister. You will now be required to grieve the loss and move the fuck on.

I recorded today’s vlog while traveling through Nice, France when a different type of relationship had ended.

And in that crazy synchronistic way, this vlog is speaking to me again today today.

Do you relate to this?! Comment below.

Massive love,



4 thoughts to “Spiritual Meaning Behind Break Up, Job Loss, and Other Heart Break”

  1. And so Neglect becomes your allie………………….My daughters fiance died the night if his bachelor party. His great friends got out of the UTV and let him drive up a mountain and flip the vehicle 7x while he fell 200 feet into a dry river bed. Alcohol MAY have been involved. The excuse 5 men gave why no one took the keys away was because they thought he might hit them. Ohhhh big pussies. Well guess what God has a plan. Some how during the time my daughter was trying on her wedding dress the Holy spirit told me this would not happen. I listened. I did not know what plan was to unfold .2 years later she is in love with a nice man who treats her so well. He tells her how pretty she is and he do us not drink a lot and hang out with bad friends. Oh by the way… the bad friends and their Brittany Spears looking red neck wives have all disappeared into the high desert in Oregon. My daughter is on the way to fulfillment and her man’s loving parents and I have moved to Bend Oregon to complete the full circle of love. God provides abundance and he corrects us harshly. But if it don’t kill you it makes you stronger. Be skinny and be tough you bitch.

  2. Absolutely! Someone that I have spent the last year with moved last week, and it has been such a growing experience as I write out all of the lovely things that we learned together, all of the things that I want to change in future relationships, etc. Thank you for being so real about it. Some days are sad, and it’s okay to feel that for a while, but I just have to remind myself not to live in the “sad story” and to understand that what is meant for me will not miss me, and what misses me was not meant for me. Namaste

    1. amen sister. we are exactly where we are supposed to be. i am also not stuck in any kind of sad story. i feel so thankful for all i learned from that season and for where i am going from here.

      sending you massive love during your transition!

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