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2015: This is one of my very favorite blogs. I wrote it during grad school. I was nannying part time, coaching part time, and trying to make shit happen. This story was my very first attempt at intentional manifesting a certain amount of money for a certain heart-felt endeavor. I had been manifesting my whole life, but never a certain amount of money for a certain thing. In the 2 and a half years since I wrote this, I have built a profitable business that beyond supports me, multiplied my income sevenfold, gone on lots of amazing trips, done lots of cool shit, and bought even more expensive shoes… but I love this simplicity of my very first attempt at putting the “God has my back” feeling I knew was true in my heart into the form of quickly bringing people, things, and opportunities into my life to support my desires. I hope you enjoy.



The right pair of shoes may actually be able to change your life.


I remember the first time I saw a pair of Christian Louboutins. I also remember the first time I googled them and discovered that they cost, what seemed like, a bajillion dollars-ish. I then put this desire into the “someday” category of my dreams.

Why don’t we believe that the universe and all that is good will conspire with us to find a way to help us fulfill our desires? Why do we think we can’t have what we want?

I think there are three main reason.


1. We have created reasons why we can’t have what we desire.

These are called limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are usually founded in the concept of Not Enough  (not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough) and sound like: “It must be nice to have what she has… I just wasn’t born into a family that can buy me that… I’m not pretty enough for a guy like him… I’ll never be able to get into a school like that… etc”

Limiting beliefs stand in the way of all that we can have, do and be.

So instead of saying “I really love these shoes and have coveted them for 4 years, but I don’t have that kind of money” –  I put ‘Nude Hidden Platform Louboutins’ in my journal on the same list as ‘Change the World’ ‘Ride an elephant in Bali’ and ”five new clients by x date”

It is NOT about having stuff – it is about removing the belief system standing in our way of having what we desire: job, relationship, some sort of opportunity, or even shoes.


2. We don’t know what we want.

Sometimes, being a girl, I kind of want everything. So when I decided to I wanted these particular kind of shoes I really had no idea which pair I would get first. There is more than one pair of Nude Hidden Platform Louboutins, apparently. With a bit of online research, however, I was able narrow it down to two pairs. And once I visited a store it was painfully obvious which pair of shoes were the ones for me.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a man, a career, or a shoe – start the process of getting clear about what you want.


3. We don’t know how to attract what we want.

Here is the simplest way I’ve heard it up (via Gabby Bernstein): Assume the energy of that which you desire.

Feelings (inspiration, passion, etc) produces energy. When you feel something deeply and strongly and with all you of you, you attract more of that to yourself. What you put out, you get back. Walk around with super low energy, while not believing anything good will happen to you – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Assuming the energy of that which you desire means feeling what it would feel like to already have what you want.

What did I want? Cuoio Leather New Delic Christian Louboutins. How would it feel to have them? Effing amazing. I decided to start feeling effing amazing about the shoes I didn’t have yet.

How could I get them? Buying them. How would it feel to buy them? Like someone who had plenty of funds to buy fabulous shoes. So decided to feel like money was no big deal and the effing amazing shoes would soon be mine.

Desiring something, removing your limiting beliefs, and believing you can have it doesn’t mean it’s handed to you. It means you put yourself in a place where you are not being overwhelmed by the idea that you can’t have what you want. 

I wrote it, I imagined it, I felt it, and then I just relaxed. Everything suddenly felt really simple. Over conversation with friends, I realized that if I save x number of dollars a week for just 8 weeks, that I could march my happy ass to the Christian Louboutins Boutique in Highland Park Village and pay in cash. I had been putting money aside for a trip that had been cancelled, so that started my savings. Out-of-no-where a very sweet friend sent me a little bit of money. Then I saved a little. Way sooner than I expected, I had what I needed to get what I wanted.

And buying them was completely as delicious as I would have imagined.

I have never been this satisfied with a purchase in all my life.


So here I am sitting in Highland Park Village wearing my shoes, blogging, having just come from a major opportunity that was on the same list in my journal as the Louboutins.

I love my new shoes. They add height, class, confidence and sass.

They adjust your posture, hug your feet and provide the perfect amount of toe cleavage.

I love the way they look, smell, and feel.

I feel fantastic in them.


We all have a fearful, negative, crazy part of our minds. We all have limiting beliefs that try to tell us that we don’t deserve and will never get what we want.

I regularly ask God (higher being, inner guide, or whatever name fits for you)  to help me see things differently – to not see things will limitations through the eyes of fear, but see opportunity and good fortune through the eyes of love.

Our fears will always be there, attempting to weight us down, but we have a choice.

Even now, I could probably slip into an ,”I should have spent this money somewhere else. This was not a good decision. I’ll only have one pair ever. My shirt is from Target. I have not made enough month to deserve this. I still want to get a PhD and I’ll be in school for ever. Blah Blah Blah.”

Or I can think, ” I did it. I did it. I did it. I did it. Yay! I love love love how this feels. I feel amazing and I expect all kinds of amazing shit ahead of me. Eff yeah.”


And as I put out this positive, high-level energy – I know am attracting more awesome-ness to myself.


So how can the right pair of shoes change your life?

It’s simple: You feel fabulous in them.

And feeling good is part of our life’s work.


If you want to know more about this manifestation-stuff, including my 9 stop process for receiving anything you desire, check out my Money Mindset Make-Over course! Woot!

Discover more: here


Happy living, shopping, believing, and being.






Shoes transform your body and attitude. They transform you physically and emotionally. – Christian Louboutin

For me it is very important to be happy… Designing is a great thing alone, but the great thing about designing is to bring happiness. – Christian Louboutin