Clean, Clear and Certain; How to Always Make the Right Move

Hi loves, I want to teach you something, quickly.

This is what I do anytime I feel nervous, insecure or feel a lack of confidence or worth in myself. (Before I go on, there is an important message at the bottom of this blogpost, I do not want you to miss.)

This applies to every area of your life — money, love, business, etc.

The trick here is: We think getting everything we want is about making the next perfect move and getting everything right.

But, it’s deeper than that. And doing this thing before I do anything, always guarantees I make the right choice, while being backed with the right energy.

When you feel uncertainty creeping in, try this:

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Now, the other thing I want to remind you is this, you are worthy because you are. Your worth is not in question. You are fabulous as f*ck. But you are also a human, so you might not always feel fabulous, you may question yourself, you may doubt it all…

But it’s time to come back home, realign to your truth, and speak your truth in love.

Also, if you do not follow me on IG or if I have not made it clear to you: I am an adamant and passionate supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. I am loud, proud and not backing down when it comes to this human rights issue. Black people being killed continually in unjust, unwarranted and inhumane ways, matters to me. Black women, as well as all women of color, feeling safe in my world has always mattered to me. (The feedback I receive is that this is true, but if it hasn’t been true for you, I want to know.) This is not a random PS in a blog for funzies, this is something that moves me to action, words, giving, etc continually. What I’ve done is not enough, but it matters to me. Black lives matter to me. I have a new very vulnerable vlog on how I uncovered my own unconscious racial bias coming out next week. To check out a previous video on White Privilege I created, click here. You may also find my two IG highlight reels with over 100 stories: BLM and BLM 2 helpful. As well as this and this IG post.

I love you so much.

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