Why I’m breaking up with my boyfriend… and getting engaged to coconut oil



Coconut oil is God’s gift to women… like really. 

I am not even kidding. 

I was just sitting here thinking to myself about ALL the things I use coconut oil for — and I was like, “OMG I literally want to marry coconut oil.” It’s sort of like the first time I had a green juice (read about that here) or almond butter. (I am seriously so thankful for Justin and his almond butter). 
So, in case you are wondering why me and EVERY blogger on the planet are freaking out about coconut oil, lemme break it down for you. 

But, before we can go there, I have to be one of those super annoying people talking about organic-things and let you know that you have to get 100% Organic Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (buy here). This, is actually, because of science. Explanation at the bottom of this blog :) 

Check out/purchase my very favorite coconut oil: HERE!


1. OIL PULLING = Teeth whiter, skin brighter, breath fresher 

Oil-Pulling. Okay so you’ve all already probably read ten blogs about oil-pulling and are like “Okay, okay. I get it,” but unless you have ordered/bought coconut oil and started this practice, then you probably don’t get it. You HAVE TO do this. This trend is definitely all-the-rage for a reason.

Every person who I have had try this notices whiter teeth in just 2-3 days. It’s amazing! Added benefits are freshening the heck out of your breath and clearing up your skin.

Others have noted (I can’t say for sure these things are true, but people certainly are talking) that oil-pulling can help with hang-overs, eczema & psoriasis, morning breath issues, tmj, sinus issues, in additional to overall oral health.

Oil-Pulling is easy! All you have to do is (1) put a small amount (about a teaspoon) of coconut oil in your mouth, (2) swish it around for 20 minutes while you check your email/facebook/instagram (3) spit it out in the trashcan (apparently you can clog up your sink).

It’s not really magic, it’s just that it’s an awesome way to like super-clean your mouth. Apparently, when we “pull” out the bad stuff that hangs out in there, there are about a trillion health benefits. According to one doctor, it’s because our bodies can focus on other important things.

In my opinion, it seriously will change your life.

As an added resource: This is everything you need to know about oil-pulling.


I have discovered that if you put tea or coffee in your blender (I use my nutribullet – link here) with coconut oil and give it a little mixy-mix, the coconut oil creates a frothy-latte-like foam that makes you feel as though you are drinking a $5 Starbucks at home without yucky sugar or questionably sweetened soy milk. HOORAY FOR LIFE! 

To really kick your energy and overall vibrational existence up a notch, you can also add a little unsalted grass-fed  butter (I know this sounds super crazy) to your tea/coffee with the coconut oil. This is called “Bulletproof Coffee.” I was skeptical at first, but I sort of now really really love my bulletproof tea creation. I have so much energy in the morning with no annoying crash. Woot!

All you have to do is (1) brew coffee or tea (I just put two tea bags in a pretty cup with hot water – pretty cup optional ;)) (2) add coconut oil (and unsalted grass-fed butter if you wanna go crazy with me), (3) mix in blender, (4) enjoy!

My favorite combo is: Green tea OR yerba mate tea bags (here and here) , coconut oil (here), & kerry gold fancy, healthy butter (here). Kerry gold is super expensive to ship from Amazon. My sweet friend, Ashley, recently let me know it can also be found at Trader Joe’s. 




3. Best Moisturizer On Planet Earth

I started putting coconut oil on my face and neck before bed instead of moisturized and people seriously started telling me that I was glowing like every day of my life. My sweet manfriend later told me he hated the smell of coconuts (uhh… this why we might have to break up ;)) and so now I am trying to remember to put it on right when I wake up and let it soak in a little before I put on my makeup instead of sleeping in it. I’ve noticed my make up staying on super long when I do this. Potential Moisturizer/Primer in one?

I was worried that putting coconut oil directly on my face would make me break out. Howevs, I’ve read that our skin creates excess oil when it’s dry. Meaning the more we strip it of oil the more it freaks out and creates oil. If that’s true, then putting oil on our face from time to time, should get it to chill the eff out! :) So far, no break outs and glowing skin!

4. Leave in Conditioner

Your hair + coconut oil = soul mates… according to SCIENCE!

Like, they were literally made for one another!

This sweet girl at this blog explains:

“Coconut oil, however, penetrates your hair, nourishing it from the inside. This is due to two different components of unrefined coconut oil, which “has a ‘medium chain’ of 12 carbon atoms but the size of the molecule is only part of the puzzle. The shape of the molecule is also important. Coconut oil is highly saturated which means the carbon atoms are “filled up” with hydrogen atoms. In addition, the molecule is a straight chain with no branching.  Most oil is unsaturated (not all the carbons are ‘filled up’ and the molecule is branched.) This difference in configuration allows the coconut oil molecules to slip in between the inter-cellular spaces in the hair’s cuticle layer so it can penetrate into the cortex. …Most other oils do not have this ability. None of the other oils penetrate like coconut oil, but all of them can help lubricate hair. However, since they do not penetrate, they need to be used in a leave on product like a hairdressing. When delivered from a conditioner or other rinse off product, they will simply go down the drain.” *Please note that unrefined, or raw, coconut oil is the only kind of coconut oil with these special medium-chain fatty acids. Refined has been altered to withstand higher heats, and therefore is just pure saturated fat- which cannot penetrate into your hair or skin. Research shows that hair can absorb around 15% of its weight in coconut oil in an hour. An overnight soaking oil (six hours) increases absorption to around 20% or 25%!”

Yay for Science!

Here is what I do!  (1) Work coconut oil through your wet or dry hair on the night before you are going to wash it/get a blow out ;), (2) wrap in plastic wrap or a towel, (3) go to sleep or hang out and (4) wash it out!

It will be super shiny and LOVE you after!

5. Cooking spray

Not all coconut oil cooking sprays are created equal. This one (link) is awesome.

I used to always buy PAM, but then I found out that PAM contains lots of questionable grossness in it. It contains soy. Apparently, 90% of the soy in this country is genetically modified which makes a lot of people super worried. I could probs get over that, but it also has  silicon dioxide which is basically sand, like… the kind you find outside.  It has TBHQ which has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats… so that’s probably not a good life-plan.

Yuck. You seriously deserve more than yucky chemicals in your omelet. Like… you really really do.

BONUS: Tanning Oil + Body Lotions

So, not to be obsessive (lol — I am a very one-track-minded person), but when I was in Bali (click here to see that video!) I used coconut oil instead of tanning oil and came home looking like a native. ((UPDATE: I just read that coconut oil has a natural SPF of 10 – letting some good in and keeping some bad out. Coconut oil really is my hero.) I also mix my lotion with coconut oil every single time I get out of the shower and 100% believe it keeps my skin WAY moisturized. Okay, as of now, that is ALL of the ways that coconut oil has caused me to have some Life Changing Moments (LCMs)



I could go on about coconut oil all the live-long day. But, as your favorite online life-coach, I must say that this isn’t really about coconut oil. This is, as always, about you. It’s about loving you and taking really super good care of you because you are a rock star. You are worthy of the greatest life imaginable. For me, that does not include putting a ton of chemicals on my hair/skin/teeth/food/etc when I could just use something natural and wonderful.

You are enough. You deserve a life you love. You are too fabulous to not feel amazing as much of the time as possible.

You deserve the best.

Visualize what you want, know you can have it, and go make it happen! I believe in you! 


Check out/purchase my very favorite coconut oil: HERE!

Amanda Frances


PS: I’m definitely not breaking up with my boyfriend, but I think he seriously might loose his mind/break up with me if I keep making everything in his life, including my entire person, smell like coconuts. lol Wish us luck :)

PPS: To work with me to me to help you change your life: click here

PPPS: Why it Matters what kind of coconut oil you buy! Unrefined coconut oil is a non-hydrogenated, cholesterol free and trans fat free product. Additionally, it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which are broken down efficiently by the body, providing an immediate source of energy. Meaning, your body can’t used refined shit the same way it can use unrefined shit. Furthermore, cold-pressed means the oil is extracted from the coconut without yucky chemicals. You are too good for yucky chemicals. If you pick up the jar of coconut oil and read any ingredients beside “100% Organic Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil” go home and click (here) for my favorite kind. HAVE A BALL with your new potential life partner! You’re Welcome.


Check out/purchase my very favorite coconut oil: HERE!



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  1. This post made me laugh, Amanda! I too love coconut oil and my husband wasn’t sure about the coconut smell that was suddenly all over me all the time but now he’s come to love coconut oil too. I haven’t tried oil pulling yet but I appreciated your clear description of it! Now I might have to try it! :)

  2. I too am absolutely in love with coconut oil. Being an Indian, it comes naturally for me to use it for cooking my curry, on my hair and on my skin. I am glad that more and more of us are ditching chemical based products.
    I must say, the latte idea was quite unique. Already planning to give it a try. XX

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