Earning on Your Terms

Let me tell you the truth...
Learning to take into internal guidance, and trust yourself to make each and every next move, will carry you through.

I have been working online for five years. Every step of the way, I felt an internal knowing that I had to do this thing on my terms. I didn't do a lot of things that you supposedly have to to do make it. I ignored a lot of experts, disregarded industry standards and followed my heart.

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Learn how to design a...
on your own damn terms.
Amanda Frances How to know what the next right step in your business is. For me, there is a certain feeling I always get when it's the right move.

Amanda Frances Business decisions are scary. I will share my process for discerning whether I am being guided by love or fear. Let's get clear on which voice is your head is on your side.

Amanda Frances How to clarify your core business desires. What to do when your business goals no longer fit what you really want. How to change direction without confusing your audience like a classy boss lady.

Amanda Frances How to set and achieve big financial goals in your business. I have a step you've probably been missing.

Amanda Frances Why I was led to digital courses and how digital course creation changed my life and business forever.



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