from craziness to clarity

The Situation

So we all have stuff we are going through – basically at all times. I know for me, I can get caught up in questions like, “Why am I going through this?” “Why is this still a problem?” “Shouldn’t I have this figured out by now?” And basically thoughts that indicate that I believe that something is innately wrong with me or this world and just get me tripped up in a crazy fear cycle of negative thoughts. Thoughts like that going through our mind do not serve us in any way and do not cause our situation to get any better. The most helpful thing I’ve learned to do when my brain is overloaded with nonsense is to shift my perception and to change each though to something that serves me.

So I had all this craziness in mind all day yesterday and decided in needed a shift in perspective. So this morning I did an exercise adapted from Day 4 of Gabby Bernstein’s book, May Cause Miracles. I made three columns on a page in my journal. I headed the first column, “The Situation I’m In” and wrote down what the perceived problem is.

{You can actually skip this step if you have already done some work around the issue and know what your underlying fear is in each situation}


The Fear.

So behind each thought is some sort of limiting belief or fear. Something about not having enough, being enough, getting enough, doing enough, etc.

So the second column is “Fear this Brings Up.” So that could be like, “Afraid of being alone,” “Afraid of not being loved,” “Afraid of not having enough” or whatever it is that is actually being triggered right now. Looking at this stuff can be kind of scary, but nothing bad comes from getting honest about what is really going on in you. Shinning a light on it and getting honest about it is always the first step to moving past it.

If you are new to doing this type of introspective work, you might need to take a minute to journal out more about the situation to get down to what the fear is. It can also be really cathartic to think back into our life and early years and see where this stuff comes from. We pick up a lot of things throughout our life and then based our beliefs about ourselves around it. Usually when we go back and look at the things that happened to us, they taught us ideas about ourselves that weren’t even true. Your older brother tells you your stupid when you’re a kid and years later you are still perceiving yourself as not the smartest at work. It can definitely be a lot more complex than that, but you know what I am talking about.


The Gratitude.

So normally when I’d do an exercise like this, my next step would be to shift my fear to something positive. A story that serves me and helps me to see the hope of the outcome that I trusts awaits me, but today, guided by May Cause Miracles, I decided to become thankful for each fear. So above my third column I wrote “Thankful” and wrote why each situation and the fear under it was actually something I could be grateful for. So this ended up being things like, “Shows me that I’m not over this situation and lets me know where I have work to do,” “Makes me remind myself that I innately loved and good enough and worthy of everything I want,” and “Makes me exam what I want and need in the area of friendships.”


The Point.

The point of all of this is that your difficult situations aren’t random. They are placed in your life right now, on purpose, because there are things you must learn before you can be ready for the good things life wants to bring you. Each thing you are going through is an assignment and it’s necessary to go through it, learn it and learn it well so that you can do and have all you want. So look into your drama, look at the fear it brings up, and get grateful for what it’s teaching you. The emotions and negativity around it will dissipate when you shift you focus and find the gratitude and positivity in each situation. You will even become present and happier with where you are at on your journey.




To moving through the crazy crap quickly and creating a life we love!



Amanda Frances