How to Create an Online Presence without Feeling Annoying

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Hi my loves!

Super pumped to be here with another tip for Designing a Life and Business That You are Beyond Completely Wildly Obsessed with.

Today’s topic is so good.

EVERY single new entrepreneur I have ever worked with who desires more of an online presence has said the same thing to me within the first few coaching sessions:

“But… I just don’t want to be annoying?!”

When you are putting yourself out there online in a new way it sometimes feels uncomfortable. And weird. And like people are judging you. And like everyone is watching you while thinking to themselves, “Who the eff does she think she is!?”

I remember having these thoughts. I remember freaking out. I remember posting and deleting and reposting my early blogs about six thousand times.

We’ve ALL been there.


Here is the deal though: You aren’t responsible for being everything to everyone. You are not going to post content that everyone likes.

Your responsibility is to allow your desire to help others to grow stronger than your fear of being judged. And to share content that your ideal client needs.

Maybe some people will be annoyed. But so many more will be inspired. And most importantly, your ideal client will be able to tell that your work is right for her.


You won’t have the opportunity to help those who need you if you hold back.

You won’t get to provide a service to other that they desperately need if no one can hear your voice online.

Your social media, email lists, and website are simply tools to get your message out there. We have been given us the opportunity to create a major platform for our life changing work with the technology of present day. That’s major.

Your responsibility is to use these tools to your advantage. Your responsibility is to make sure that those who need you know about your great work. THAT is your responsibility.


And to be honest, some people might be annoyed and (this is what you are probably actually afraid of) not like you.

It’s totally fine when the people who are not right for your work notice they don’t resonate with you and decide to unfollow/unsubscribe from your page. They are not the people who you are here to help. And so your online spaces are probably not right for them.

THIS IS A GOOD THING. This makes room for those who are right for you. Allow those who are not to simply fall away.


And, to be really-real, most people aren’t paying that much attention to you. The fearful voice in your mind is telling you that your ex-boss and Great Aunt and old neighbor think your business is stupid is lying to you.

In my experience these people who we fear are judging us are either: 1. Not that interested and barely notice what we do  2. Effing proud of you when they see what you are doing

AND even if they do think you are an idiot. Oh well. Bye Felicia. You have to go big anyway. You have important shit to do.


TODAY I encourage you to log on to your social media spaces and share you work! Share your coaching program. Share an amazing quote. Share an life-changing affirmation. Share about things that have helped you. Share something you believe your ideal client needs to hear from you. And share boldly. Be unapologetic. Go big.

In the video I share that, you have no control over when someone signs online or opens their email. That is not your concern. Your concern is to be their with life changing content when they do decide to log-on.

And when that annoying voice creeps in saying, “Who do you think you are?” Here is a fab reply: “I am a child of God. I am a creation of the Most High. I have been giving a dream and a desire straight from the Divine. And it’s time I go big.” Amen?



In today’s video I riff on this subject and encourage you guys to keep going big in your online work.



Go big sister friend. The world needs you… like yesterday.


Massive love,