Creativity is born out of discontentment

Why being unhappy, unglued, un-nerved, and bored out of your mind can actually be a FaBuLoUs thing.

None of us would have a reason to do anything new or different with our lives if we were completely comfortable, content, and settled all the time.

Dissatisfaction breads growth.

I am in no way suggesting that it’s easy to be restless. It actually, well, sucks and makes some of us (I’m talking about me) want to punch the world in the face. However, lately I have noticed that my friends, colleagues, blog followers, etc are all in a season of discontentment.

This is what discontentment sounds like: I’m unhappy in my relationship, I’m bored with my job, I don’t know why I’m at the school, I’m tired of this town, why am I even alive?

And since I feel like I am *finally* on the other side of a super discontented time . . . maybe what I’ve had to learn could give a little hope or perspective to one of you.

Here’s what I’ve gathered. . .

1. Discontentment is good!!

Unfortunately, I cannot write a clever post that will explain the reason for each of your struggles.

I can say, however, that there definitely is a reason.

Maybe you feel like your relationship isn’t quenching a need that you feel it should. . . or like your job isn’t supporting your family, contributing to your growth, or serving the world the way you thought it would. . .or maybe you can’t figure out what the purpose of your life is or should be. . . It is so GOOD that you feel this way.

Why is it such a fabulous thing??

Because it makes you move. Discontentment causes you to get out of your relationship or work on it. . . it makes you look for a new job or find a new way to look at your job. . . it makes you question, wonder, cry, scream or pray. . . and then, if you let it, it makes your grow.

2. Ask WHHYYYY????

To figure out what the deal is.

Yes, in every single blog I am asking you to ask yourself why. Well that’s because we can’t grow without asking ourselves hard questions. Sorry, we just can’t. So, I am telling you that you have to evaluate what parts of your life are working for you and what parts aren’t before you can figure out what to do about it. Talk it out, journal it out, pray it out, think it out. . . so you can figure it out. . .

3. Wait and stay open.

Hah! This blog is full of my least favorite things. I am really bad at waiting. Like really really really bad. I honk at stop lights. I act as though less-than-invigorating life events (boring classes, bill paying, paper writing) are causing me to loose pieces of my soul. I am not very patient, at all . . .

But I know this for sure. If you wait, (and trust that there is a reason and that the answers will come) they will.

4. Seize the day.

So you let yourself feel discontent, you asked what was wrong, you waited to figure out what to do, you were open to the answers. . . You have an idea of what might work. . . Now grow a pair and seize the day! You will never know anything 100% for sure, so take a chance and JUMP!

Every circumstance is a little different, but here is a personal example:

I was bored out of my mind. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or pushed or driven. The discontentment grew and the next think I knew. . . I learned about life-coaching in a class at school. I thought about it for all-of-one-day before I found myself deciding to go home and make a website. I was standing in Walgreens, buying off-brand make up removing cloths after yoga. That wasn’t the most glamorous of moments to decide to change my life, but inspiration finally hit. I got uncomfortable enough for long enough to decide to make a change. There were months of discontentment and searching for an answer. . . I was open and waiting . . . and suddenly I had a wonderful idea. . .

Presenting: Amanda F. McKinney – life coach extraordinaire.

5. And then. . . [you may have to] wait more.

Unfortunately I had keep practicing patience. [How annoying, right?] Making the website and applying for the business license was the easy part. I had to wait to get the word out, wait to find clients, wait for someone to take a chance on me. . . during this time I got to feel even more uncomfortable and embarrassed and like a failure. . .  I also had to continue to work on myself and through these unpleasant feelings while I waited. . . it wasn’t fun. But then finally I got to. . .

***See the Light***

God was faithful . . . I was faithful. . . I didn’t give up. . .  and what I knew in my heart started to come true.

I’m still not exactly walking on sunshine, but I am seeing my hard work pay of and my dreams come true a little more all the time.

I have clients. . . I see growth in myself and in those I work with. . . I feel like I am contributing to people’s lives while they contribute to my growth and goals. . . I feel like I am making the world a better place by being alive, which will always be my ultimate purpose.

I feel so much progress. I am in such a better place. . .  but I am still a little discontent. . . which I am deciding is a wonderful thing because it will just cause me to develop myself, my skills, and my burgeoning business.

I am learning to be satisfied in the midst of the mystery of it all.

This has been one of the hardest years of my life, but it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. I’ve had to grow-up, trust my heart, depend on myself, get uncomfortable, and make my life better.

If you are unnerved, bored, discontent, and coming unglued, I understand and I’m truly, deeply, utterly sorry . . . And I am here to help

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It’s your choice to stay miserable, or embrace the journey and do something with your unhappiness.

If you need help, help is out there.

YOU CAN do something with it. You can do do something about it. And you can use it for something that you can be proud of.

All successful people have gone through this: You are not alone.

You have something to give. You can serve the world in a way not quite like anyone else.

Give it all you got.


Seeing the light,

Amanda Frances