Currently Crying in a Coffee Shop


Present situation: Sitting in a coffee shop — crying.

Literally I’m crying. Like tears are rolling down my face… and I am in public.

To explain why, I’m going to have to tell you a little story.

The story is about a girl and a dream.

About a year and a half ago, I was sitting on the roof top of a gorgeous hotel in Dallas.

I had snuck into the hotel use the pool, because at the time, there was no way in hell I could have afforded that hotel.

So, here I was, sitting on this roof top praying to God.

I had a coaching business. And it supported me, but I couldn’t seem to get past a certain monthly income amount.

No matter how many clients came in, what income streams I attempted to add, I made the same amount each month.

I was a vibrational match for a very small amount of money. I would subconsciously sabotage any more than what I believed I was worthy of.

I was living a hundred dollar kind of money mentality, while have multi-million dollar kind of dreams. And I was frustrated as fuck.

My prayer to God that day went something like this: “WTF God?! I’m burnt out. I’m seeing too many clients. I working too long of hours. I’m not earning what I desire. There has to be a better way. I’m grateful for what we have created, but you’ve given me big dreams, and I intend to walk them out. Teach me how you intend for me to make the money I desire. Teach me how to help more people. Teach me. And I promise I will teach other women how to do the same.”

I listened. I was guided. The steps showed up. I changed the way I viewed money. I changed the purpose money served in my life. I forgave my negative money memories. I cleaned up my money limiting beliefs and fears.I learned to manifest. I grew my coaching biz.

One year ago — on December 1st, 2014 — I launched the Money Mentality Makeover Course.

I had so much to say about money. I had been guided through a process of changing my belies around money and earning three and four times what I used to make — I had been practicing it for several months. It was working — and I was ready to tell others.

And I had a big goal: 100 people would enroll in the Money Mentality Makeover.

I had a few hundred people on my mailing list and very small social media presence. I had no idea how I would meet the goal, but I knew I would. 100 people would sign up over the course of the year.

In my meditations, I saw people learning to feel good enough. I saw people learning to feel worthy of money. I saw people loosing the stress around finances that weighed them down. I saw women being able to support their children. I saw people finding out that they had the power of the entire Universe inside of them. I knew whoever took the course, would never be the same.

I am happy to say that as of TODAY 105 women and 2 men have enrolled in the Money Mentality Makeover course. And the results continue to astound me.

How did I do it? One inspired step at a time.

Because this is for sure: Me and God can do anything. 

^^^ One of the key principals I drill into your mind in the course.

Below are some real life screenshots from course members from this week. If you want more where that come from: click here. ((But come back to this email for your special price!))


So here is the deal:

I’m relaunching and updating the Money Mentality Makeover course in the new year.

Once you sign up for any of my courses — you get all updates — forever.

Below you’ll find info on three of my courses! Two of which include the Money Mentality Makeover, obvi.

Become a Money Making Life Coach (with Money Mentality Makeover as Bonus) — Nine Week Course:  Become a Money Making Life Coach

Money Mentality Makeover — Three Week Course: Money Mentality Makeover

Boss Lady Branding: Brand it Like a Boss Lady

Remember, money is a neutral resource to be used for the good of the world.

There is nothing evil about desiring money.

It takes money to live your best life and fulfill your dreams. When you have a pure intention behind your desire to earn, you are unstoppable. Let’s go big.


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