Shop-less and Savvy: Day 1

30 clothing items and no shopping for 30 days


A couple weeks ago, I went to one of those Very-American, All-In-One Stores to pick up some fruit, 3 pound weights for dance-cardio, and other various items. Most of what I held in my hands in 20-items-or-less aisle was semi-necessary, but I felt slightly ashamed over one item: a $12 dress.

Though this is something I will probably wear under a blazer and with some boots sometime in the Fall, I didn’t need it. It’s low-quality, not that interesting, and only kind of cute.

I’m not irritated about where I bought it. I’m irritated about why I bought it.

I bought it because it was cheap and to have something new.

So there this dress hangs in my closet with the tags on, not changing my life, not serving me in any way, and adding clutter to my life.


Later that day, I read about a blogger who picked 30 items out of her closet and re-wore them in new and fun ways for 30 days. She wrote about how much she appreciated what she had and developed a real idea of what she actually wanted after the endeavor.

So, my lovely readers, I have officially not shopped in two weeks and I vow to you that I will not purchase a single clothing item until after my birthday on September 12th which is 30 days from today. I will wear no more than 30 clothing items from my closet until then.   (Read the other rules and details: here).


Shop-less and Savvy – Day 1


– Saturday –


(for rules, details, and the items I’ve worn thus far click: here)

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