Shop-less and Savvy: Day 10

Loves of my life, 


So, first of all, thank you everyone for clicking on the link that brought you here. I’ve had so much wonderful feedback on this little blog series and I really love that you love it! Secondly, this whole live-with-what-you-have/don’t-worry-about-what-you-don’t thing is really starting to take effect. So, though I am posting day 10 today, in real-life I am days ahead of that and it’s amazing how much different I am starting to feel toward my wardrobe, shopping, and fashion in general. I am spending a lot less time thinking of all the things I want and more time thinking of what I can do with the things I have. The time I spend in my closet staring at my clothes in the morning is filled with creativity, inspiration, and appreciation instead of lack, annoyance, and low-level thinking. It’s so much more fun to start my day this way. I’m starting to feel as though I could create way more than 30 outfits from 30 pieces and feel super cute the entire time. 


And remember; feeling good is part of your life’s work. It is your job to do (and wear) what you love and attract more of what you love right back to you. 


Day 10


click here for the story, rules, reasons, and items I’ve worn so far



Amanda Frances