Shop-less and Savvy: Day 13

Thirteen days into this endeavor I can’t believe that two weeks ago, the task of only wearing 30 items for 30 days seemed so difficult. I feel like with only the 16 items I’ve used so far, I could make outfits for months.

I don’t miss shopping.

I don’t feel like there is some void in my life that needs to be filled by buying something cheap and meaningless for the sake of having something new. It’s hard for me to comprehend why up until a week ago, I walked into my closet and really believed I needed more things to wear.

Any time you give up something, you begin to look at it differently. And hopefully, I’ll never look at fashion with a sense of lack again. Living from fewer items has made the process of getting ready much less stressful and in turn caused me to feel much happier. I did not realize that filling my walk in closet up with lots of clothes on little velvet hangers was not just not contributing, but detracting from my life.



all the love in my heart,

Amanda Frances