Shop-less and Savvy: Day 14

No Shopping and Styling All Outfits from
30 Pieces for 30 Days


Day 14

I wore my party-in-the-back top out on Friday, but managed to not take any pictures (shocking – literally!) So instead I added some pics of a time I wore this top and pants with different accessories.


The Underneath:


Sheer and lace-back blouses are everywhere right now, and I know for some, they can seem intimidating to try. When choosing to wear a see-through top, you can either wear a bra with a pretty back (as in Day 12 and the pic below) or bandeau underneath.

By wearing a bandeau and mid to high-rise pants or skirt (as on Day 8), not a lot is left showing even is the brightest light.

You can also try a nude bandeau, which can tone down the transparency of a sheer top quite a bit. (This is what I did on Day 5 and Day 13.)



To the party in the back,


Amanda Frances