Shop-less and Savvy: Day 17 {Manic Monday}

Hi beautiful people.

So on this particular Monday, I decided to get myself a little more excited for the week with two bold pieces thrown together.


– Manic Monday – 

When I first conjured up the idea for this outfit, I was afraid it would be over-the-top, but once I threw up my hair up in a messy, messy top-knot, I sort of loved the look. I thought about changing, but I really didn’t want to take it off. Any time I love something so much I don’t want to take it off, I usual take that as a sign to go ahead and walk out the door.


When this happens in a dressing room, I take it as a sign to go ahead and buy it (well, not this month – but normally). If you love it so much you want to wear it out of the store, you will wear it a million times. If you stand in the dressing room trying to think of all the places you might wear it, you’ll probably wear it between never and a few times.


I digress… so anyways, the point is if you put it on and love it, then it probably fits your mood and energy right then and you’ll probably feel great in it all day. And, if you haven’t already learned from my blogs, I believe that feeling good is part of our lives’ work, not to mention, one way to attract more of what you love to yourself.


Clothes, for me, are just one way to love my life more. 



So go put something you feel great in
and conquer the world…


Amanda Frances


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