Shop-less and Savvy: Day 2


30 clothing items and no shopping for 30 days


I am fashioning my outfits for 30 days from only 30 items. I am also not shopping.

I know – I can hardly believe it either.



Day 2

– Sunday Stripes and Shop-less-Shopping –


Miracle: I entered a mall, saw many things I liked, and bought nothing.


My wonderful gbf/bff suggested he and I recover for a long and emotional weekend (ie funeral and anti-gay drama)  with a little Starbucks, sun, and shop-less-shopping on a hot Texas Sunday. We ventured to a mall we don’t regularly visit, split a venti latte, and pondered many potential outfits.

I loved looking at pretty things without stressing about what I should or shouldn’t buy. Happy day!



For rules, details and to see the items I’ve worn thus far click here.


28 days to go!



Amanda Frances



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