Shop-less and Savvy: Day 25 {tan and white}

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it’s shocking to me that on day 25 i had only worn 22 items of clothing. i am thoroughly convinced that i really could work with 30 items permanently. even more astounding is the idea that i could use what i have and wear each thing a million ways and not feel that i need anything new.


however, life is busy, (as evidenced by my unmade bed below) and on this day i remember being very happy that the 30 days was all most over.  i’ve loved sharing my outfit inspiration and all that i’ve learned with you, but i am anxious to get creative with the rest of my closet and not have photo shoots in the mirror ever single day :)


toward the end of the 30 days, i simply aimed to create each outfit using at least one item i had already worn before and hoped to find the time to snap a pic before the day is over.


  – Tuesday –

Since summer is wrapping up, I decided to wear my white pencil skirt from day 3 one last time. I paired it with my very favorite blouse from day 20 and my Louboutins. [I am obsessed with this shirt as I’ve worn it untucked with my red, black, and white skinny pants and tucked in to every single skirt I own. I’ve also worn it with my fur vest.] Since this top is sheer, I used a tan bandeau and chunky necklace to make sure I was work-appropriate in the cleavage area. 



– love to you –


amanda frances

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