Shop-less and Savvy: Day 28

Happy Birthday to Me!!


Hello Lovers!


So I had a FABULOUS birthday this year.
I actually celebrated for nearly two weeks!


The celebrating kicked off this year when I found
myself being dropped off at the airport by my friend
Allison. I thought that we were going on a road trip to
an ashram for a yoga retreat. I was instructed to pack a
couple extra yoga outfits, a birthday dress, and two sun-
dresses. I figured we were going to a one day yoga thing
and then somewhere to celebrate my birthday.


So I wore my little yoga shorts and packed my bag for a fun filled
weekend. Next thing I know Allison is dropping me off at the airport
and saying, “You’re getting on a plane and I’m not coming with
you. Go to the ticket counter and tell them your name.”

She pulled a big suitcase out of her trunk for me to stuff my things
in and off I went. Shortly after my boyfriend text me saying I had
an hour until my flight to Tulsa and that he had transfered
money into my account for trashy magazines and Starbucks.
Between the two of them, they really did think of everything.



So upon landing in Tulsa my boyfriend handed me a trillion
long stemmed red roses and we enjoyed a pre-planned day of:
my very favorite lunch place with the best healthy sandwich
ever, my favorite Starbucks in the world, and my favorite place
in Tulsa to take a walk. We later went to dinner at a place I’ve been
not-so-subtly hinting that he should take me to and then we
arrived at my very favorite wine bar where some of my best
friends in the world were waiting in the back room with my
favorite champagne, pink straws, and cupcakes. <3


above: black bebe dress (my undergrad graduation dress),
michael kors suede platform heels, my mimi’s beeded handbag,
and a top knot of course.

I had a completely lovely time. I feel like a very lucky girl.


To celebrating everything all the time,


Amanda Frances


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