Shop-less and Savvy: Day 30

Hello Lovers!


I finished my 30 day challenge of giving up shopping & wearing only 30 items from my closet over a month ago. I intended to post all the outfits much sooner, but I opted to concentrate on finishing my master’s degree this last month.  I am super pumped to announce that I received my final transcript last Friday & am a woman holding a Master’s of Science in Counseling degree. YAY!


Since it has taken me so long to post the final outfit, I’ve actually had quite a bit of time to recognize the changes all of this made in my life.


{Creativity} During the 30 days I quickly found that I was much more relaxed as I stood in my closet flipping through the hangers. This time was filled with creative inspiration. I wasn’t thinking of what I didn’t have or how many times each item may or may not have already appeared on facebook & concentrated on finding new ways to wear the things I had limited myself to. .


{Appreciation} Since I wasn’t focusing on what I didn’t have I was able to actually feel thankful for all I had. Surprisingly 30 items is more than enough to create cute looks for everyday – I only ended up using 27 items :) There will always be more stuff to buy, but there will not always be this moment to love what we have right now. 


{Old Habits}  Now it’s easy to see how my shopping habits weren’t really serving me. I didn’t notice until digging through sale-racks was no longer an option, how often I was doing so. I feel like this habit was ultimately making my life more stress filled. When I shopped without thinking I  would more than likely end up a) buying something just to have something new b) settling for the best of the bad c) buying 10 things when I only really liked 2.

I then ended up with way too many things i didn’t love at all.


{New Habits}  When you break a habit & start fresh you have the freedom of choosing a new way of doing things. I feel like I now buy fewer things, less often, but end up with all things I feel amazing about.

When the 30 days initially ended I was way out of the habit of spending money on clothes. Like… it felt weird to think about doing so. Once I finally went, I opted to use some gift cards I had & keep the saving going on a little longer. Since I was out of my silly habits, I actually only spent the amount on the card instead of telling myself that having a gift-card meant I could spend more. I ended up with leather leggings, & two super fun and unique pastel tops that will be on the blog shortly.

When I finally decided to shop again for real, it had been 8 weeks since the 30 days started. I went into a store, tried on a few things, put back anything I didn’t completely love & left with a button up shirt with adorable detail on the collar, a super-bright hot pink flowy top with big ole pockets, a pastel pink lace top, & black and white floral pants.

All trends I’ve been craving. All items I can wear a trillion ways. And all things I feel super pumped about.



. . . Day 30 . . .

It’s bananas, but the final outfit for the end of the 30 days just so happens to be the very dress I wrote about on Day 1. The dress that inspired all of this. A silly low-quality, inexpensive dress that I bought just to have something new while walking through a store on the way to grab something else. I had a few open spots for items left when I was throwing stuff in my suitcase and having no idea where I was going for my birthday weekend. When I dressed for brunch that morning, I wasn’t really thinking that this was the very last of the 30 days & didn’t really get it until after all the pics were taken how the whole thing kind of came full circle.

The dress isn’t bad, it’s actually fine, but it’s not amazing. It works as something I might put on some Sunday to run an errand or grab a coffee. It obviously eventually got worn… but at what cost? It’s not invigorating to stand in the 20-or-fewer-item line holding something you don’t even like. It’s not inspiring to ignore everything you have & focus on what else you could get, further causing an obsession with what’s new. It doesn’t change my life or anyone elses to be unappreciative & focus on lack when I could  use my love of fashion to create, inspire, & spread a positive message.

I desire to value myself & my hard earned money more than that. I desire to love all of the aspects of my life more than that. Since fashion is clearly an area where I feel inspired, actively blocking myself with ungratefulness is the opposite of what I want to do. Buyers-remorse & cluttered closets were not leading to more appreciation in my life. It may sound silly in this context, but I truly believe that any place in your life that you are not grateful, you can never be happy. 


So, there you have it. 30 days of no shopping &
only living with 30 – scratch that – 27 items.


Hope you enjoyed the journey!



Amanda Frances