Shop-less and Savvy: Day 8

Hello Gorgeous People. 


As I am watching my total number of clothing items move upward, I am getting slightly nervous! I still have to do this for 3 weeks! I felt it wise to add a black and white item to the list in hopes that I could wear it with all sorts of things.


And as I brained storm I realized that the possibilities are quite endless. It’s interesting to think that I purchase a piece to wear with a particular something and then I let it sit in my closet until I feel like wearing that outfit again. Eventually I may try an item on with something other than what I first wore it with or bought it for, but I never really take the time to think of ALL the ways in which I could wear the items in my closet. That might be one of the reasons I constantly feel like I need more… when I actually have WAY more than enough.

I challenge you to take a piece of clothing today and find five ways to wear it. Maybe the next time you feel surely convinced that you have nothing to wear, you will think of one of thes[e possibilities.


For the rules, story, reason, and to see the items I’ve worn so far click here

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Keep Dreaming. Appreciate Every Little Thing You Have. And Trust That Everything is Happening for Your Good,


Amanda Frances

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