Shop-less and Savvy: Day 9

..styling all outfits from 30 items & not shopping for 30 days..


Day 9




After sleeping in for the first time in weeks, I suggested to my boyfriend that he and I go to the grocery store, fill up my purse with Starbucks, chips, and other forms of breakfast, and go to see a Dollar Movie. In case you don’t live in a city in which the luxury of a dollar cinema exists, I will explain further. This is an older, semi-questionable movie theater in which all motion pictures are about 3 months old and screenings are $1. Glamorous, I know.


So on this very lazy day I put on only a minimal amount of bronzer, mascara, and lip balm, covered my face with wayfarers, and fish-tail braided my hair in the car. 


This is the result…


To read the rules and deets, and see what I’ve worn so far, click: here


To having days with no agenda, 



Amanda Frances