. . Kentucky Derby Theme . .

Recently two of my girlfriends put together a completely lovely Kentucky Derby themed Bridal Shower for an adorable bride-to-be.

The day before the event this conversation occurred…


Guy Friend: What are you doing?

Me: Just shopping for a Kentucky Derby Shower I’m going to tomorrow

Guy Friend: Oh, that’s cool! You guys going to ride horses?

Me: {confused}. . .we are going to wear big hats, drink pretty drinks, and take lots of pictures??


As we all know, for many girls half the fun of a party is the opportunity to capture the event via Mobile Upload. So if we had horses, we’d be more likely to pose near them than race on them. Horses or not, there are few better photo opts than a frilly dress and over-sized hat.



Musts for a super-successful derby themed event:



Chic. Simple. Frilly. Classic. Or Polka Doted.



 Embellished. Wide Brimmed. Demure. Or Girly-Girl.


{Pretty Drinks in Pretty Cups}

Mint Juleps in Pewter Cups. Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea in Mason Jars.



Tarts. Quiché. Jams. Cupcakes. Candies.


{optional: Men}

Just kidding. But if boys are invited to the party try:

Seer sucker. Bow ties. Pastels.

And if, by chance,  the boy you are dressing for this event is boring or just not feeling adventurous opt for khakis with a navy jacket and a fun tie.


pics from the shower that sparked my inspiration: