#wisdomdrop: The Three Reasons “The Secret” Doesn’t Work


the secret

Hello My Love!! 

First of all, y’all know that I love manifesting!!

Realizing that we are connected to the Divine energy/wisdom/universe/God and allowing this connection to support us in co-creating the lives and businesses of our dreams is totes my jam.

And I honestly think “The Secret” did the world a favor when it carried the message of manifesting to the mainstream public.

The problem is, it left some things out, and if you don’t know and do these things, the secret (or any other manifestation process) won’t work out of you, and that sucks.

So here are the three things you must know to work the manifestation process in your life:
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1. FEEL It! Feel it! Feel it! 

So, if you think back to The Secret you may remember the guy talking about paste-ing an image of his dream home to a vision board and later miraculously finding himself moving into that house and someone else talking about writing themselves a check for a bajillion dollars and taping the check by their light switch so they’d subconsciously see it each day and blah blah blah. Okay — WELL — vision boards are good! And knowing what car, home, job, man, and dollar amount you’d like is fabulous! Clarity is truly key when manifesting! The thing is, you can’t just place these images all around you and do nothing with them. The most powerful force for manifesting is your energy. And the easiest way to produce energy is through your emotions. The key to manifesting is becoming an energetic match for your desires and all that actually means is to FEEL what it would feel like to have what you want, right now. Like that a moment to feel what it would feel like to receive the thing you desire and hold that feeling as long as you can. Doubts may enter, but it is your job to return to that vibration. If you can make a wish and not doubt, but know it is coming true, then it will be yours. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But it’s so not. Often we doubt, freak, analyze, and fret our way right out of believing what we desire is possible. We quit five minutes before our miracle. Vibe vibe vibe with it. Often, the thing you have been asking for shows up at the eleventh hour. Have the courage to ask and hold faith until the end. When doubt and fear show up, shift back quickly.

2. It’s not about stuff. It’s about love. 

Okay, so, stuff is good. Stuff is fun. I like shoes. (Call me cinderella!)But let’s be honest, it’s about SO much more then that. You have the power to manifest things, of course you do, but you don’t really want stuff, you want happiness. You want a high quality of life. You want time. You want freedom. You want love. You want connection. For me, the manifestation process without purpose is SO worthless. God is not a cosmic vending machine. For me, when I am clear on my desires and clear that the desires I am manifesting are of the highest good and placed in my heart from God himself I can stand behind my desires knowing that the entire Universe has my back in my co-creation process. And that’s what faith is. Faith is knowing that the unseen is with you and desires to help you every step of the way. Yes, the stuff will come; Manifesting stuff is easy…  but when you are connected the great cosmic force that is truth and love, the desires and vision that will emerge will be so much greater then a car or house or dollar amount.

3. Hold on Loosely! 

What we focus on expands. When you are focusing on all the negative shit going on in your life, it gets bigger and more dramatic and more complicated and chokes the life out of you. When you are focusing on what is going right and feel gratitude, more of the things you are grateful for find their way into your life. Simple, right?! So, often when someone is manifesting something they go from the place of calmly focusing in gratitude and trust (<– what works well)… and move to controlling, forcing, and manipulating the thing they want into existence(<– what effs everything up). It’s not that forcing it doesn’t work some of the time, but it will leave you exhausted and take away from the beautiful miracle that could have occurred naturally and easily if you would have chilled the eff out. You are a powerful being and your focused desire can do some powerful things, but it your job to use your focused energy for good. Ask that the “highest good” or “God’s will” be done. Focus and trust. Know that it is all working out in your favor. Don’t control. Don’t squeeze the life out of your vision with your monster grip. Hold on loosely.


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Amanda Frances